Baby In Bloom/Baby Cakes


………Once upon a time there was a rose garden hidden within a deep forest. This was no ordinary rose garden, however. For within the heart of every bloom was nurtured a special seed…the seed of human life. Anytime a sincere heart yearned for a child, she would tiptoe into the garden and choose the flower that spoke to her soul, gently cradling the petals and sniffing its sweet fragrance. The Creator would answer her desire in months of patient waiting and preparation; for when next the loving soul saw the precious rose, it was carrying her greatest hope. Nestled within the velveteen layers slept the object of her heart’s desire. Fragrant like the rose, bearing the Creator’s kiss upon its cheek and awaiting the unconditional love of its Mother. A baby in bloom.



Cheryl KP
Copyright 2015

When I was asked to make a cake for a co worker’s baby shower I didn’t realize this was what I was going to create. It was so fulfilling to watch the baby come to life, then the rose, and to see how much everyone enjoyed it. As you can see, they devoured the cake. The baby was spared…

Baby in Bloom


27 thoughts on “Baby In Bloom/Baby Cakes

      1. Ha! Aww thank you. I have repaired it now. At least I didn’t write “live” instead of love as I so often di. Of course that one is interchangeable I believe! Hugs and love to you both.


      2. Hugs and love from both me and Plutonia, although she is in bed now. I am preparing a common reply to both you and Clarissa in our blog. It will take some time. Hugs and love until then.


      1. I made the baby over two nights of sculpting in the evenings. The cake was baked one evening and I left work early the day before to out it all together. Oh. And I also made a vanilla bean cheesecake for the event. Now that was yummy!

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