Fishing Frenzy/Pelican Problems

Who likes to fish?  A quiet day on the pier.  You cast your line, brace your pole and wait, looking out across the water at the boats passing through the bridge underpass, and wait.  Then comes the tug, the pull on your line and the snag in the center of your chest that says, “Hey, you got something here.”  No matter if it is big or small. It’s a hit.  You reel it in and even though it’s small, there it is, glistening in the sunlight as it wiggles on your line. You work to release it from the hook; but then……someone else decides to get involved.

Pelican antics and fishing 118.NEF

Now, let me just say that when my husband asked me to go along fishing with him, we both knew it was because I would be able to photograph birds. Lots and lots of birds.  Egrets, seagulls, white ibis, tri-colored heron (if I get lucky) grackle, and, and, well….my good friends, the Brown Pelicans. Yes, I love them.  And they did not disappoint.  My husband was just out there a few days ago, even gave some tidbits to a few of the birds as he fished. But today they were different.  They were in weekend mode.  And they thought the guys on the pier were fishing for them!

Pelican antics and fishing 098.NEF

When my husband’s line jiggled he brought the little guy in, but before he could get the hook loose, one of my friends decided he needed some help.

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The fish did not die in vain.  Another man took it to add to his haul.  We stayed around for awhile longer.  More pelicans came, more fishermen donated small tidbits.  No wonder they flock every time they hear those happy shouts for a tug on the line.

It was a good day for fishing and photography alike….

Pelican antics and fishing 104.NEF Pelican antics and fishing 071.NEF

Handsome fellows, aren’t they?  And how has YOUR year begun?  Any good catches?  I’d love to hear from you!!

Happy 2015!!






18 thoughts on “Fishing Frenzy/Pelican Problems

    1. Well , your photos now are beautiful; so I can only imagine they would be amazing if you had a camera you want. We have lots of grackles too, and of course the seagulls are like beach pigeons. Ha.

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