Popping A Cork! Here’s to 2015…



Yes, the time has come

to lift a glass and make a toast;

but not for days ahead,

Promises, hopes and possibilities.

Rather, let us look back

over our shoulders first

and give a nod of thanks

to the life we leave behind.

A toast! To worn pathways,

weary hearts and tear-stained pillows,

to bruised egos and broken hearts

and wisdom born anew.

Let’s tuck the joys, the sorrows,

the longing for tomorrows

Reverently inside our memory box,

tie it with ribbon and secure the locks.

We’ll spread our table with cheer

and ring in the New Year

with laughter and smiles

for the life that beguiles,

nudging us onward, ever onward.

Happy New Year!


copyright  CKP

13 thoughts on “Popping A Cork! Here’s to 2015…

  1. New Year; time for the balance of reflection and looking forward. Hope your 2015 is filled with more wonderful things than you can imagine!


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