Beauty in Dying….

birds on sat dec 13 102.NEF

Beautiful Death

Would that I, when faced with leaving

vibrant existence,

where once my face shone

more brightly than the eyes

of heaven,

continue to smile with fading

roses on my cheeks still

fragrant and sweet in the shadow of

the inevitable coming of the


Would that I might cling to the useless

branch of hope while

basking in the open arms

of eternity with a golden acceptance

and dignity, holding fast my

memories while releasing

all thought of bright

 Spring’s passing.

Would that my lifeless form

be remembered with

admiration, even as was

the supple flesh and

sinewy matter which called

itself woman while I strolled

the path of the dream

 on this blue and green dot.

Would that grace go before

vanity, wiping out

fear and trepidation as

I step across the threshold into

vast endlessness

into the forever beauty of

the soul’s release,

a splash of prismatic color

on the canvas of forever.

Cheryl Pennington

copyright photo and words


15 thoughts on “Beauty in Dying….

    1. Behind every complicated emotion is a simple reason. Thank you Sharukh! I am so happy you enjoyed the poem. I am also happy you are enjoying your holidays my friend. Hello to Sarah!


      1. Sarah says Hello to you. I always enjoy your poems. They inspire me to write few of my own. Now, that’s a different issue that I do not find enough time for it, but that nudge to write more is something I was missing earlier.


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