Only You….

Super bird Sunday in Dec 2014 084.NEF


Hello dear friend,

where have you been?

I have needed your smile

to cheer me awhile.

Why are you so still,

never find me until

I come to you.

No one knows

where life’s road goes,

the twists that turn

and hopes that burn

in spite of the doubt

and fears that shout

within my soul.

Searching with desire

in love’s sticky mire,

for solace and balm

that would bring me calm.

Then I gazed within,

remembering a friend

who waited there.

So patient and wise

I can see in your eyes

compassion and peace,

soul free from disease-

The only one you see

who truly loves me


Cheryl Pennington

copyright words and photo


13 thoughts on “Only You….

  1. Superb poetry. I know you’re certainly waiting for me to write one and I am sorry for this delay. Generally, I keep myself busy with work and when I am not working I am hunting clients. Phew, its a tough job impressing people, but if I write anything you will know it.


      1. AwwIm so glad to have posted something you like. These gulls, even in such great number, have tremendous personality. I always think O Richard Bachman’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull whenever I photograph them. I was in high school when it came out and made a profound impression on me.


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