Letting Go/Life After Memories

moon and heron in Dec 2014 022.NEF


I long, I cling
no more a good thing.
My fingers bruised
and heart abused
by memory’s torture.

Moving on,
old dreams gone,
paled in the light
of dawning bright
bringing soul’s release.

Taking a breath
to face the death
of hope and longing,
my idea of belonging
in a world so lost.

Free fall flight
in the darkest night,
weeping, wailing
desire assailing
all sense of reason.

Gently resting
love’s sweet nesting
safe and sound
upon hallowed ground
of new beginnings.

The freedom sweet
of knowing complete
my spirit strong-
it was all along,
in spite of my fears.

Moving with grace
with life’s wise pace
no death of my heart
in the land apart,
The power of
letting go.

Cheryl Kp
copyright photo and words

8 thoughts on “Letting Go/Life After Memories

    1. I’m glad it has meaning dor you Janey. I believe we all find ourselves here eventually. I hope your mother enjoys it as well. I do hope you are on the mend sweetie. Hugs!


  1. Good one. You won’t believe if I say this to you, but last week I was planning to write a poetry on the concept of letting go, but since I was occupied with work, I never got the time to put my thoughts on the paper. So, when I read this poem,I was bit surprise that you thought on the same topic.


    1. It does not surprise me. I believe in auniversal thought, and that souls who shar connections are very in tune to it. I want to see what you come up with when you do write your poem. It is a very difficult thing for most people to deal with. Im sorry I have not had time to visit the link you posted. Work has been trying to eat my brain and what is left I am holding on to so that I can write a few words somehow each day. And we are preparing for Christmas here, of course. Thank you for taking time to read the poem. Helo to beautiful Sarah!


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