Angel Wings

I have to state it up front here. I believe in miracles.  I AM a miracle.  My parents held me with sky high fever in the throes of spinal meningitis when I was only 3 months old. The doctor looked at them and said he had done all he could and it was in God’s hands.  My parents believed in miracles and my Mother told me regularly as I was growing up that I had a purpose.  I am only just now coming to accept that this is true. I spent most of my life feeling conspicuous and out of place. I still have those moments.  The truth is that all of life is a miracle.  And every living thing has a purpose. Every thing with an energy does!  And we all fit in one grand puzzle that, even when it gets upset and scattered, makes for a magnificent picture.

When I feel lonely or out of place I reach out to Spirit and I have always received an answer, although the delivery has been very diverse.  I have had feathers show up when I asked for signs, old friends call out of the blue when I have been distressed and not reaching out to anyone in my physical world and gifts of love, hope and simple abundance are there if I just open my eyes.

The beach is the one place on Earth that I feel closest to God.  Where the ocean meets the sand represents one of the greatest miracles I can think of in nature. A force that can change the tides and keep us all grounded to this beautiful rock is nothing short of the most miraculous thing I can think of for our physical world.  So, when I walk the beach I am thanking the powers that be for the beauty of this earth, the miracles in my life-the good, the bad and the challenging. I was doing just that as I walked along the shore yesterday on an impromptu trip with my husband.  It was a beautiful day, perfect for his metal detecting and my photography.

One of my favorite films is City of Angels with Meg Ryan and Nick Cage.  There is a scene in that film that really touches my soul.  When the angels line up on the beach for the sunrise, I feel their joy.  I think of this scene every time I see the seagulls lined up before a sunrise on the beach.  They are winged creatures, after all.

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Thanksgiving was one of my Mom’s favorite holidays. We really had a feast on those days.  My Mother-in-law was the same way.  Both are gone from this world now and I miss them terribly.  If humans ever truly take up wings then these ladies are sporting beauties.  As I walked the beach I was thinking of those holidays and I was snapping photos of the egrets waiting for tidbits from a couple of fishermen, and the seagulls who scoured the sands for small bugs.  The angels from the movie suddenly crossed my mind.  Now, I don’t usually find many shells on the popular beaches here.  I think someone must scour the sands  at night or before the sun is up so that there isn’t much left; or maybe they just don’t wash up here like they do in other places.  At any rate, I was very surprised when I started seeing pieces of shells littered across my path.  There were broken pieces of what were obviously magnificent shells; for even the pieces were lovely.  Then I started to see the “angel wings”, little clam shells that are empty but still attached.  They resemble wings.  I saw first one, then another. I walked along and there were more!  All along the steps I took were beautiful shells.  Soon, my hand was full of these wings, as well as my other “treasures”.  I had my camera in one hand, trying to snap a few photos with one finger.  A man and woman were nearing me from the opposite direction and I was surprised when he walked right up to me, hand held out and said, “Hi, I think you might like to have this.” At first glance it looked like a feather, which would be miraculous enough for me; but then he added, “It looks like a feather, but it’s not. It’s a shell.  I saw you walking there, with your shell collection and your camera; and I thought you must be the artistic type and would appreciate this.”  I felt speechless but thanked him wholeheartedly.  Angels!  They were lying on the beach, walking on the beach and now in hand!  I was filled with peace in that moment.  That man was an angel for me.  Now, I’d like to share my angel wings with you; for if wishes and prayers can be shared, I am sharing mine with you all.

Sunday nov 30 2014 pelican 066.NEF

The speckled shell?  Well, it was just really unusual.  Another treasure.  If you are in need of angel blessings right now, I am sending my own friends to comfort, uplift and assure you that you are loved, you are protected and you are miraculous!

This is one of my favorite songs…..thanks Sarah McLachlan

26 thoughts on “Angel Wings

  1. Amazing! I see in front of me this angel offering his feather-shell to another angel I am so lucky to know, and I feel this world as a place worth fighting for.

    Yes, Cheryl, this miracle was for me as well. I had an operation under complete anesthesia when I was one year and a half, and there is no logical explanation for how I survived a childhood of shaking like a leaf in bed, sweating buckets and hallucinating, my immune system down every second week due to the psychic toxins I was absorbing. My protection to remain alive here was from out of this world, and I have often resented their not taking me back home. We need angel souls in human form, too, and I am so grateful to you and for those sporting beauties you will introduce me to one day.

    Aw, this is an Absolute favorite of mine! There is not one scene with Meg and Nicholas that does not make my soul soar… Those lined-up seagulls hear the same music, I have no doubt. Sarah’s Angel always takes me far away, I hadn’t seen this lovely live performance before, I thank you from my heart Cheryl for helping me in my constant struggle to accept my near inability to feel grounded here.

    And a very warm hug to Clarissa. It’s OK, precious sister, I don’t receive any feathers either. You are my feathers, dear ones. A threefold embrace to scare away the dark. ❤ ❤ ❤ Leon


    1. Hello Leon! Dear Brother, it is so good to see you here. Each time you speak of your childhood illness I want to scoop that little blonde angel (for yes you are indeed an angel bound to this often too dark world)and take him far away from the twisted road he has chosen in this life for whatever lessons await him. My greatest longing in this physical life has been to ease the suffering of human hearts. It has been the hardest part of my own walk to realize not all pain and suffering can be stopped by outside forces. And it has been a humbling lesson to accept that so many difficult and painful roads simply must be.
      My own heart has been so much lighter these last few day for I can feel a shift in the energy of the souls I am so connected to. When you speak of the new light of hope for you and Plutonia my heart soars! My fervent prayer has been for a miracle in your suffering because I know that miracles are possible in all things.
      I feel the largest wing, the one that shines iridescent and has a few chinks along the edges, is YOURS, dearest Leon. You and your beloved are as surely angels as any that sit in eternity! Be well and know you are thought of with appreciation, gratitude and unconditional love.


      1. Thank you so much for this stunning wing, Cheryl, and for all blessings of our healing connection! Since we share the same greatest longing, you can feel my joy for your precious heart feeling lighter.
        It’s the Winter Solstice today, and we are celebrating the birth of light in the best way imaginable. Even if darkness threatens us again and again, our warmest thoughts and prayers will be keeping us and our loved ones protectively enveloped.
        I thank you into Eternity, my Sister. ❤ Leon


      2. Thank you Leon. I pray the Light gets only brighter for you my friend, as we move beyond the shades of Winter and into Spring, and thus, new beginnings! My love to you both.


  2. Very nice Cheryl. I thought it was interesting that you feel closest to God walking on the beach. I feel very calm and blessed when I see magnificent things, but I feel closest when I have very little control. Like paddling in a raging ocean and catching a wave. It’s a different kind of calm. Fear-joy-fear, and so on. One day after a really big day, I didn’t catch a wave, but I was so humbled just to be alive. I sat on the couch after sitting on the beach for a very long time. Usually, life threatening situations are over in a split second. I had at least 20 minutes of fear following 40 minutes of constant paddling. I felt defeated, but really calm. Peace!

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    1. Thank you James. I have heard this description before, when surmounting deathly challenges. It is interesting that I find it a parallel to life’s challenges that seem deathlike, those times in which we suffer a death or near death of some part of ourselves which no longer serves us. I wanted to write a book about my life’s challenges and do you know what I had planned on naming it? “Riding the Wave”. 😀I’m glad you made it through that experince okay. I still love to watch and photograph surfers. Such pure joy in their faces…


  3. I am just covered in goosebumps. Your story has brought a huge lump to my throat. I too am a Miracle. And I too have one place in the world I feel the Presence of God the strongest …. and that is the beach. The Ocean. I have been so far away from that place for too long, and please count yourself SO lucky to be able to walk the beach. I will be with you in Spirit now when you do walk. Those shells, the feather, that man??? One Miracle after another … Gifts from Heaven falling into your Holy Hands. Again I am just covered in goosebumps. Spirit bumps as some would say. You totally lifted me up with your post, and I am ever so very grateful!!! Love, Amy

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    1. That is so wonderful Amy. And now I can take you with me in thought and Spirit whenever I go. I post a lot of my photos from beach trips on G+ if you ever want to feel closer. 🙂 I bet a little beach time would really do you some good. Sending love and warm wishes your way my dear friend!

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      1. My Dream is to live by the ocean, so I take that Dream and walk towards it. For now, I hold much Gratitude in my Heart for where I do now live, as I find the Beauty that holds the Key to the Divine. Thank you for taking me with you on your walks. Bless you!!! (((HUGS))) Amy


  4. That’s such a nice story. I used to receive feathers in special ways, but its been a very long time since that has happened. I assume I am meant to receive signs in new ways. Its wonderful that you recognize the tangible ways in which God reaches out to us! The shells are beautiful too. Thanks for sharing, it made me very happy to read. 🙂


    1. And knowing that warms my heart Clarissa. I had my “time” with feathers and still they show up whenever I need affirmation of making a change or choice. It has become kind of a standard now, even when I am not focusing on it. I believe it is why I feel such an affinity for feathered friends. Much love from my corner of the world to yours.

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