In the Realm of Hope/Forever Never


Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

copyright images and words


While Dohman’s inhabitants are coming together, preparing for their future and sharing their gifts, those in the Realm are watching and waiting-and not all agendas are the same…..

In the Realm of Hope
Mor observed the new life on Inion’s world and enjoyed the rising sensations. So much energy, so much love! Perhaps this experiment would work after all. The only chink in Its joy was the dawning that the more that awareness was increased in the minds of physical life, the less tuned in the humans’ souls seemed to be to the Eternal Realm. Diligence would be necessary for these creatures to remain in touch with The All That Is. It was trusting its Creations to see to this. And to see to the suppression of the dark rift which was always in danger of becoming an irreparable chasm.

Inion and Mac were busily creating on other energy fields throughout the realm and Mac suggested having another world such as Domhan. Inion was still concerned with the final fate of her beloved humans and declined the idea of anything as remotely habitable as her first Love. In time she might reconsider; but for now Mac would have to take his own creative processes to the other reaches of Eternity to create new worlds of his own, bringing forth life in different forms.  And he was careful to keep these creations very far from his Twin’s precious Domhan. Never again did he want to bring disaster to her world, nor pain to her Essence.

Bandia spent much of her time near Domhan, keeping a watchful eye on the Garden Family and the females who carried the newest seeds of Light within their bodies. Although her ability to be seen by the Daughters and Sons of Domhan waned, she would be relentless in giving signs, sending her Love, and answering any call for help.  All were watching and awaiting the arrival of the new Children of Light.  The success of their plan depended so much on these beginnings-birth and rebirth alike.  Would M’na’s second born child be as complete as Amhain appeared to be thus far?  Would Eagna be able to…she guarded her thoughts.

Bandia knew the object of her affection was on Domhan Eile, completely immersed in his own murky thoughts.  Still.. she never knew if he was watching in his Lake of Visions. She would have to make a visit there soon, to keep him at bay;  but it so burdened her soul to see him still in such a place. And in such a state.  He grew more and more obsessed with As’me’s return as they awaited her rebirth. If he knew for one instant….again she turned her thoughts away.

Knowing her children on Dohman were meeting their new neighbors, she thought of them only, sending Love and Light. It would be good for the inhabitants of her world to be united. It might even become ‘necessary‘-for their own good.

Ar’tine swirled a crooked finger in the dark water, creating circles, each one growing larger than the last as he erased the image of his Goddess from the reflective surface of the lake.  “Alas, all too busy for this outcast Son of the Second Thought,” he muttered to himself.

Had he been paying attention he might have heard some of Bandia’s thoughts; but still engulfed in his relentless self pity, he could only observe her beauty and wish she would return to his world again.  Then, at least, he would have someone to berate him and keep him entertained.

Well, he thought, there was always the other thing-his new distraction. Yet it was too early to share; but the very thought of it filled him with tingling excitement. He turned his dark form slightly toward the slate hills, a satisfied groan issuing from his throat. Lying dormant in the shadowy caverns of the mountain, the surprise was ready but for the breath in its lungs and the soul to give it life. He thought of how beautiful it was, how powerful it would be-and how devoted to none but his own cause it would remain. Smiling to himself over his handiwork, he whispered, “Not yet my sleeping beauty, but in the right moment..Whether by necessity or simple desire, I shall call you forth to join me.”

Within the recesses of a dank, moss covered cavern lay a special Creation-a work in progress.  Ar’tine considered it his most fine work since As’me was born; but its beauty was different. Powerful, awful, precious! Perhaps soon it would become necessary to show them all the true depth of His greatness. His patience was waning.
“Slumber on, most lovely…your presence is not required-yet. But be ever ready for the fire of life to call you forth.  You may be my champion against those who would try to destroy me.” From within the dark shadows the servant responded, even without breath or soul. The crumpled form quivered where it lay in the moist chamber of the Cavern, cold droplets of Dohman Eile’s essence running in rivulets down its sides to pool on the hard stone.  There it waited in complacent silence-an empty shell waiting to be filled.
to be continued…….
Thanks for reading.  Appreciate thoughts, words, suggestions,  ideas, inspirations!!!

2 thoughts on “In the Realm of Hope/Forever Never

  1. Ha! I love this!!
    Artine, has a creation! A crazy thing, nameless, soulless, and evil! Wow! That part certainly did make me afraid, and excited.
    Jeez, he’s really crazy. And insecure, creating what he calls “my champion against those who would try to destroy me.”
    Yet he is the object of Bandia’s affection. But Bandia loves Domhan, “sending [them] Love and Light”. She also thinks that the unity of Domhan residents and their neighbours might be necessary “for their own good”.
    This is a foreshadow. She portends what is to come upon Domhan. Yet she dearly loves Ar’tine, who so far is the master of contrivance. I do not understand this ambivalence in Bandia. I do follow the concept of Perfect Love, yet if she can’t even bring herself to contemplate what she’s done concerning As’me . . . then I think it’s time she took sides.
    If Ar’tine releases that Frankenstein thing upon M’na and her friends, what then? Will she regret it? I wonder.
    There is a voice in this story that I love the most. It is scarcely heard, but when it is, pure wisdom emanates from it. It is rational, controlled; it is impartial. It is the voice of Mor. It calls the creation an Experiment (quite interesting to hear) and expresses fear of the dark rift getting worse. Nice. Mor sees more than Bandia does. He sees deep. I remember the question he raised concerning the goddess’ trick on Ar’tine. It was a keen question.
    Finally, it’s wonderful to suggest that Mac has gone to create in other worlds too far from Domhan. It means there are other worlds out there, something the Bible entirely left out.

    Well, excellent work!
    (I read it hastily on Sunday and that’s why I didn’t leave a remark. I have to read these pieces studiously.) Thanks,


    1. And I thank you and appreciate your keen and kind observations. Mor is the origination of existence within the story but remains object in Its omnipotence. Unlike a Biblical God, mor does not (yet) experience the emotions born of and emanating from the rift in the soul. It does, however, absorb and process all experience, including that within the physical world. Thanks again! Bandia, yes, fickle and a bit vain but born of the same Feminine goodness of Inion. She is under the delusion she can love Artinee enough to heal him….


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