Treasure Hunting…

Some afternoons just don’t need words…..

hawk nov 2014 018.NEFhawk nov 2014 036.NEF

hawk nov 2014 037.NEF

hawk nov 2014 053.NEF

As a friend said, it is like Alladin’s cave outside!

hawk nov 2014 050.NEF

Friends in unexpected places

hawk nov 2014 039.NEF

And special blessings…..

hawk nov 2014 072.NEF

And coming home with a little jewel is a bonus!!!

Happy week everyone!

Catch the wind,

let it spin

you around.

Feel the bliss

of nature’s kiss

upon your brow.

Savor the breath

that takes you closer to death

and hold it as long as you can.

Cheryl Kp

8 thoughts on “Treasure Hunting…

  1. Nature’s kiss – that’s the nicest description of a breeze I’ve heard. There must be Irish blood in you. There is a song which springs to mind about a little blind boy and his dad…What colour is the wind Daddy? Lovely photos too Cheryl.


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