Secrets/Heaven and Earth/Poetry

eagle in November. bees again 023.NEF


sweet cherub,
  may I borrow your wings?

Oh, no, my Mother would be angry.
Can you teach me to swim in the pond, little frog?

Oh no, your lovely wings would be covered in mud!
Could you take me to fly in the heavens?

Oh no, I am not allowed to carry a soul.
Will you share your lily pad with me?

Oh no, for surely you will make us sink.

Well, little green, what if I use my wings;

and holding you in my arms,
we float above the water?

Oh yes! How grand that would be.
You, dangling your cherub toes in the pool
and I jump in to swim ’round your feet!

Oh delight!  Mother said I would make

friends here on Earth.
Are you my friend?
Please say it is true.

Of course! I wished you
here on the shooting star.

It shone on my pond
and here you are!
No,  little green.  Here WE are.
We shall play on earth till our bodies are spent,
then soar to the heavens from whence I was sent.
To welcome us home will
be my dear Mother.
Ahhh, such sweet promise, my winged brother….

Cheryl Kp
copyright photo and poetry


15 thoughts on “Secrets/Heaven and Earth/Poetry

  1. Sorry, I am late to comment on this. Now that I’ve moved to Work From Home, I have to look into many more things. I wanted to take time out for all the content you guys have written. Coming back to your poetry. It is really good and I admire your work. Your interpretation of work is great and sometimes I feel as if I am back to my literature class room reading William Wordsworth.


    1. I understand and hope things are going well with your work. Thank you Sharukh. Your words always lift me up. Wordsworth was a favorite of mine. I took a humanities class and we studied poets in one semester. He and Walt Whitman were favorites as well as Edna St Vincent Millay and the Brownings. Good to see you!


      1. I took Literature in college so I had Wordworth, Shelley, Keats, Byron, Coleridge. I love Pride and Prejudice and other works of Jane Austen, F.Scott Fitzgerald (The Great Gatsby) and many other Indian authors as well. I still miss my literature teacher and all those sessions. Literature can be so interesting once you start digging into the characters. Like an onion, layer after layer of emotions.


      2. Yes, so true. We had sections of authors and there were so many! I think that is why, to this day, I like diversity when I read. Fitzgerald was a personal favorite of mine as well. And Thoreau, Hemmingway, Pearl S. Buck. I have a few collections but there are to many to hold in my little house! Thanks for helping me to remember these inspirations.


      1. I knoooow….a long chapter. Got it edited last night and will post after work. 🙀 Working and writing keeps me up late nights. Missed my alarm this morning!


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