Clean Up Your Act/A Bird’s Eye View

Do you love beer?  I know I do. Many of us do.  Go to the beach, slam back some brew.  Sounds like a fun time !

beachcombing nov 009.NEF


Less than fifty yards from this spot are receptacles for your empty containers.  In fact, they are strategically placed at around 1/4 mile intervals all along the coastline.  Did you forget that even though you leave the beach and go home that this is my home as well as home to many living things?  Would you tolerate them coming inside your place and leaving a their refuse there?  And we wouldn’t do it either.  I am a peaceful creature, after all.  But my soul is crying.  And I have no arms to pick up after you.  Take a look. Just over your shoulder there.  This is where your garbage should be….

beachcombing nov 097.NEF

Scattered all around this station are various items from bottle tabs to bobby pins and candy wrappers.  Do you think there are magical creatures that come out at night to clean up after you? Think again! This isn’t Disney World, you know.  This is the only world you-we-have.  When will you understand the damage you do every single day by polluting it carelessly? Next time you go to the beach, take some time to look at the residents there.  This is where they live.  Drink your beer, eat your food, have some fun.  Then walk ten feet and put your remains in one of the bins that the state has so kindly left and empties regularly for your convenience.  The beauty around you struggles to survive in the face of ignorance.  How proud do you think the Keystone Corporation would be to know you are destroying nature with their name all over it?  I know you are better than this.  We all want to survive these days.

beachcombing nov 074.NEF


When the last raindrop falls to the dry, cracked earth,

when the grass burns under the harsh glare of unfiltered radiation,

when the flowers give up the fight and recede into the heart of the world,

will you notice?

When the mountains lay down,

when the winds cease to blow,

the skies rain down in gray ash,

and the oceans swell in protest,

will you cry to the heavens?

Will you beg for mercy

as you wander the parched and empty land?

Will you remember the lovely face

of Mother Earth?

Or will you wake up,

and take up the task

of nurturing your home,

dry her tears,


fulfill your promise to care for the thought of Great Spirit.

Cheryl KP

copyright photos and words


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