Bee Busyness

This yellow elder is one of my personal favorites for the bright yellow buttercup type blooms that cover it.

halloween week 2014 069.NEF

And apparently I am not the only one who loves it!

halloween week 2014 076.NEF

This bumblebee had serious business with my tree!

halloween week 2014 073.NEF

I dared not get close enough to ask, so just snapped a few shots as it flitted in and out of the pollen pots.

halloween week 2014 078.NEF

No one should interrupt Bee Busyness.

14 thoughts on “Bee Busyness

  1. I suspect that little fella was engrossed enough with what he was doing that the suicidal impulse of stinging the paparazzi was pretty far removed from his present thoughts. Of course, where one is allergic, better safe than sorry.


    1. I wasn’t afraid. 😊 As long as you don’t get between them and the “juice” you are fairly safe. Haha. I have gotten closer when necessary. I just make aure they are very busy and Im not wearing perfume!


    1. My husband has asked me to beg my readers’ forgiveness for his error because he spoke without looking first (he is a perfectionist you know) and thought this was a casia fistula. But further research confirmed for him that it is, in fact, a yellow elder. oops…I love it too. The first time I saw it I was amazed because it was Springtime and the one I saw was absolutely huge. It was like a yellow beacon from down the street. Thanks Dan.


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