The Watcher/Poetry

halloween week 2014 100.NEF

The Keeper

Good night, moon.
You wink.
I smile.
We share a secret
voyeur, friend, protector
bright orb that connects
hungry hearts by
a silver lifeline of dreams.

So sensuous,
your mystery
sings to all souls,
taunting them with the
hope of possibility.
Then suddenly you are
Night moves in, so close..
darkness fills  my heart until
you return, full and glowing
once more, taunting me
with my desire
reflected in the glow of your
satisfied transformation.
Shall we dance,
strip bare our reserve,
leave off the mask of reality
and dive into the ocean of desire
The sea trembles ‘neath your
gentle caress
shared moments of ecstasy
as you giggle with delight.
into the distant horizon,
chased into shame by the
harsh, laughing sun
who keeps no secrets.
Our hearts you must keep
until we meet again.
Good night.

copyright 2014

10 thoughts on “The Watcher/Poetry

  1. Very pretty amongst other things, different levels of feeling transmitted (sensous/voyeur/caress), very lovely, nice word choice, nice rhythmic triplet of ‘ing’ words :-):-)


    1. Hi Peter! Thanks for reading. I am really glad you enjoyed the poem. I love the moon. You know Thursday is supposed to be a real magnetic and brilliant full moon. Should be in a short while for you now!


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