My Garden Guest

In a world where wonders never cease……


wild things daytona beach october 004.NEF

It is often the smallest that bring the greatest delight.  Our new home has a resident garden frog, who reclines all day long-a true retiree-and sports a wound over one eye.  This hole serves as the grand entrance for my lizard friend, Eliza, who also has a baby. It peeks its tiny nose out time and again. It must have been napping on this afternoon while she stepped out for some sunshine.

wild things daytona beach october 008.NEF wild things daytona beach october 010 wild things daytona beach october 009.NEF

Kindly offering me all her best sides….

wild things daytona beach october 012.NEF

Wait….is that a baby crying?  Sorry, I must go inside…..


18 thoughts on “My Garden Guest

  1. I saw a little lizard recently for the first time in my life, during a hill walk. Ireland only has one type of lizard which grows no longer than about 4 inches. He scurried off before I could get a selfie with him. Great shots, Cheryl, I can almost count the scales.


    1. Wow Frankie! Now you have me curious. What types of small creatures are prolific in Ireland? Besides faeries, leprechauns and sprites..😉seriously, there must be snakes. And spiders, but no lizards? Which are common? I think that I will be shooting lots of landscapes though when I make my journey. So many magnificent views and historic places in your beautiful country… And pubs. And beer. Oh wait! We were talking about landscapes right? 😀

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      1. You would probably enjoy the scenery. We don’t have snakes thanks to St Patrick, although I could be wrong. I only discovered we have a lizard a couple years ago. The spiders are just little household things that would make a web in the top corner of a room. But we do have wild deer and pheasants and badgers, foxes, rabbits etc. Nothing you would have to suck the poison out of 🙂 Our historic and ancient pre-historic sites are excellent though.


      2. I don’t like cities anyway so perhaps I am biased towards the hills and mountains. I enjoy sitting on an ancient dolmen, maybe 5,000 yrs old, and wondering what kind of thoughts went through the minds of folk back in those days. That’s how I get my kicks 🙂


      3. Same here. One reason why I loved Costa Rica so much. The entire feel of the country is absolutely prehistoric. And they honor tradition without overdoing anything. My favorite thing to do here is visit native indigenous tribe sites where there were villages and burial grounds. I do the same thing. Stand on the riverbank and look up at a bluff, imagining who else might have stood in that very spot on their daily hunt or walk or bathing in the river….

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  2. Did you watch Thinner? That creepy-looking Gypsy old man who cursed the overweight lawyer with uncontrollable weight loss. “Thinner,” he said. And just when we’d been struck by the horror of what was happening to the lawyer, we learned of what the Gypsy had done to the judge: “Lizard.” It was hilarious, appalling.
    It just came to mind, anyway.
    Great capture there! Little fella is cute.


    1. Absolutely Dan. Some people are creeped out by them but when I step outside and they scurry everywhere I feel very comforted by their presence. Life around me is good. 😄


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