Wings on the Water

Thursday miracles august 045.NEF


Hi everyone!  Wow.  It has only been a week since I posted; but what a week.  My first week back at work was busy, tiring, and mind boggling; but the people I work with have been just so supportive and helpful. I can hardly complain except that, well, it is just the nudging my mind out of jungle/photography/writing world back into critical thinking and practical tasks.  I am happy to see the weekend and a chance to connect with my internet friends once more.

We had a terrific time last weekend when we attended the Wings and Waves Air Show here on the beach.  There were soooo many people, but I have to say how wonderful everyone was.  I am a child of Mardi Gras, football season and St. Patrick’s Day parades that have ranged from mild to wild.  Usually when you get than many people in one place, you can see mayhem, madness and murder even.  The crowd that we encountered last Sunday for the air show was really terrific.  Of course there are always people from all over the country by mere fact of it being Florida.  It is also the beginning of the mini bike week event, so there were even more out of town guests.  Still, everyone was mellow and seemed to be enjoying the near perfect weather, beer, food and perfectly executed air show.

I wanted to share some of my favorite photos with you here.  I took so many shots that my right arm was aching by the time night came.  I had a blast though and am looking forward to the next event.  I hope you enjoy the pictures.  I will be back tomorrow to hopefully post the next chapter of Forever Never for those of you following.

Thanks and Happy Weekend to everyone!

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12 thoughts on “Wings on the Water

    1. What a fun day that was! A real smorgasbord for me and my camera! There really is always an event or wild thing to take photos of here. And the people are very relaxed. Glad you liked the air show shots. And it was the most amazingly tame crowd!

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  1. Αmazing photos!!!!Thank you for sharing them with us!!! Hope you are adjusting to the new city, have a relaxing and lovely weekend dear 🙂


  2. Amazing pictures, and so different from the Costa Rica shots. It must be like living in parallel worlds. I’m glad you are settling into a new routine and hope you find the time to write and create amongst all the extra noise and bustle.


    1. It is like living two lives indeed Julia. I can still close my eyes and feel the peace of waking up to a sunrise in the jungle life. It is quite beautiful here and there are places to get away from the hustle and bustle, so that is really good. The airshow was really fun and a perfect chance to take different photos.


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