First Walk and a Fresh Look

As some of you already know, we have had to return to the states for various reasons. My heart has been both sad and glad, again for various reasons.  Every day that I awoke to the sights and sounds of paradise uplifted my heart and inspired my soul. We have good friends there still and miss them. We do plan to go back for visits.  I am thrilled to be near my children, grandchildren, family and friends again, although we are still somewhat scattered.  At this point, thanks to blogging and various good social media avenues, I have friends all over the world! And I do consider you a friend, dear reader.  Time, space and physical separation cannot change soul connections and we are blessed to have the gift of modern technology to keep us close.

I have been feverishly unpacking for over a week as I will start working again soon.  Again, with mixed emotions I re enter this field of work.  It is always challenging to be confined to certain spaces with lots of people but I know most of these people from being there before and they are all very hard-working and friendly. It is in the leaving behind my time to think, to write, to go out and be with nature any time I like which is hard to put on hold.  But only on hold, for I will be out there on weekends, rejuvenating my soul and capturing the “stars” that show up for their sessions. 

So, I wanted to share with you some photos from my very first walk in our neighborhood. We are still quite close to the beach-yay-and I plan to go often.  Meet some of my new friends! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  🙂

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When life is heavy, darkness falls

and from within its lonely voice calls;

caress its broken spirit, weeping for its pain,

then take it by the hand and put it to bed again.

Step outside, soak in the Light

that gives you strength, the will to fight.

Stretch your legs, your arms lift high

and see the grass, the earth, the sky.

These, your Father, Mother be,

the creatures your brothers, all you see.

Your family will sustain you,

and they will never blame you

for your fears, your tears, your faltering steps.

Soar, smile,

stay awhile.

and through Creation be healed…

Cheryl KP


17 thoughts on “First Walk and a Fresh Look

  1. Nice to hear from you again, and nice of Costa Rica to share you with us for a while, or a long time, or for whatever time old time decrees. Your talent lays within, and your pictures come from there, so I have no doubt they will be as beautiful as always, and I can’t wait to see them as they arrive to grace our days. Welcome back.


    1. Thanks! I am very grateful to have “landed” in another beautiful part of the country here and look forward to many wonderful opportunities to take photos and be inspired. Good to see you and thanks for the warm welcome!


  2. Does this mean no more iguanas, butterflies, and the other marvelous buddies you made? Coming back from all that unpolluted, undiminished and timeless wonder to the environment of man-made time-conscious routine must be hard.


    1. No, but there are new wonders everywhere if one looks closely. I went to the beach yesterday and saw some amazing life. Yes, it is one of the most difficult things I have had to do; and I thank you for acknowledging and understanding that. It stays in your mind and soul though. ☺️


  3. Aww Cheryl, what a mixed blessing! I am pleased you are once again surrounded by beauty and nature, and that your saddened eye is still sensitive enough not appreciate it all. Keep the lovely pictures coming – as always, it is a pleasure and a treat to read you. 🙂 Mother Hen


    1. Hi! Thank you so much. I take it you are feeling much better. I am always happy to see you here. My husband took em out for a drive (geeze I feel like the dog) and we went by a lovely little park where there were dozens of egrets, ducks, and turtles. Photos a plenty to be had! Yay.


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