The Watcher/Poetry

The Keeper Good night, moon. You wink. I smile. We share a secret voyeur, friend, protector bright orb that connects hungry hearts by a silver lifeline of dreams. So sensuous, your mystery sings to all souls, taunting them with the hope of possibility. Then suddenly you are gone! Night moves in, so close.. darkness fills  my heart until you return, full and glowing once more, taunting me with my desire reflected in the glow of your satisfied transformation. Shall we dance, strip bare our reserve, leave off the mask of reality and dive into the ocean of desire together?  The … Continue reading The Watcher/Poetry

A Sorceress’s Adventure

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington copyright 2014 As Eolas and Laoch make their way to the source of the endless smoke spirals, The Sorceress accompanies Eagna back to her home. They will find more than rest and comfort on the morrow as their circle grows to include more of Domhan’s living essence. A Sorceress’s Tale Ignoring Eolas’ advice to make the trip slowly, Eagna pushed steadily on toward their home, with the White Tiger keeping pace beside her, only stopping now and then to eat the food they brought along.  Eagna’s hand remained buried in the white … Continue reading A Sorceress’s Adventure

To the Unknown/Forever Never

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington copyright art, photos and written work The band of friends part ways as the females head home and the Hunter and Warrior begin their journey to visit the new tribes of their world, somewhere in the land of the strange smoking spirals that float steadily skyward.  What did it mean? Would they be friendly?  So many questions and yet the most pressing thing on the tortured Warrior’s mind remains the same.  What lies within his soul and who has ultimate control?  Join them all on their separate paths which cannot but lead … Continue reading To the Unknown/Forever Never

A Time to Watch/Sharing Dreams

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington copyright Exhausted and content, the band of friends slept well within the cave of the Warrior, awaking to a new and bright day, albeit it full of unanswered questions.   The Sorceress bears the weight of her unspoken question as the spark of connection she shares with Laoch continues to flicker….. A Time to Watch Mor contemplated the recent experiences of Its children.  There was no plan set for Inion’s humankind; therefore  there was nothing to prophecy, all things existing at once . Only the very moment one experienced was real. Still, there … Continue reading A Time to Watch/Sharing Dreams


Whispers I hear you whispering above me you know. You cannot hide beneath the gray mosses. You have deep, dark secrets to share. I care. I touch your rough face so sharp, so cold. Let me warm you through- urge you, purge you. Whisper to me of time- the past the future. I know you can see the us, the we, the they who have lingered in your shadows. Share your world with me- the light, the dark; all is safe within my heart. I hear you whisper….. Cheryl KP copyright 2014 Continue reading Whisper/Poetry

Out of the Blue

Isn’t that  a pretty heart? I thought so too! I was so pleasantly surprised to find this comment on my About page yesterday and a great big thanks to Louie Louie writes a great blog focusing on life through travel and living one’s dreams.  You really should take a look when you get a chance! Thanks so much Louie. You may not have realized this but the last few weeks have been rather hellish for me. First came the devastating news we would have to leave our beloved new life in paradise, Costa Rica.  Then came the daunting task of … Continue reading Out of the Blue

Monochrome Moments

  Monochrome Moments Technicolor life, though brilliant and light, stimulating, bright in all of its wonder, can be missing you see the subtle clarity of those times we view the world around us through a lens which shows the shadows, the glows of perfection and knows the honesty in a moment thus viewed beckons the spirit’s shining hope of eternity’s home through a glimpse of its creation in monochrome. Cheryl KP copyright 2014 Continue reading Monochrome Moments

No Rest for the Keepers/Forever Never

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington copyright As the circle of friends in the Land of Laoch rest peacefully,  the Keepers of Domhan also find sleep.  But one will not sleep easy; for the vein of dark possibility pumps its poison into the minds of the innocent at every turn…. No Rest for the Keepers “I wonder how things have gone for our friends in the land of the cliffs.”  M’na gazed at Fireann’s broad back with wide, brown eyes as they lay in the comfort of night, gently running her fingers over his warm, smooth skin.  She … Continue reading No Rest for the Keepers/Forever Never