Warrior’s Awakening/Forever Never


Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

copyright 2014

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I must apologize if there are any typos. I am still in the midst of a major move and really wanted to get a new chapter up for my friend Peter at demogorgon’s fiction  and for those other faithful readers who have been kind enough to follow my humble story.

We left our circle of friends on the ledge of the Warrior’s home, having experienced a profound vision, one that brought comfort, peace and a new sense of power to him.  But there remained one gift for him that night. The Sorceress held the key and was ready to complete her mission….

Eat of the Fruit and Be Filled
Everyone was hungry after such an experience; and although they ate in silence, their minds could not rest.  Laoch was encouraged in spite of his mind’s attempt to chastise for his failure to physically defend his friends and his home. What if his instincts had been wrong? Surely they would all be dead.  But the victory this night was one of Spirit over mind as he was learning to be more in tune with his intuition, a place that left him feeling confident in ways his physical strength never  seemed to equal. He hoped this new certainty would be constant, even within his dreams.  If the dark one had more power than this Sorceress and intended to use him, how would he be able to fight it? He wasn’t sure how, but he was certain he would; for he believed in the unseen force of Light in his World above all else.

As they finished the last morsels of their meal, Naofa remembered the last gift she had to offer Laoch on this, his day of personal discovery.  Nearly forgotten in the shadow of their vision was the fruit she had so carefully carried on their journey from The Garden.  The Sorceress knew that once Laoch tasted its bittersweet flesh, unlocking the door to Spirit’s truth, they would all be awake in knowledge, true companions in Eternity’s design.  Rising quietly she went into the cave and returned with the simple treasure.  Laoch’s eyes were mesmerized by fruit’s color and form, the firelight glowing off the golden and crimson skin.  The others also appreciated its beautiful wrapping, as well as the magic living in its flesh.

Eagna and Eolas clasped hands, smiling at each other and then at their curious friend.   Laoch needed no prompt as he reached for the sharp stone lying by his bowl and, wiping its edge on the corner of his tunic, he handed it to the Sorceress.  Naofa lifted the precious fruit gently and raised her eyes to the dark night as she spoke to Spirit once more.
“On this night of miracles and transformation, we accept your gifts of Spirit and understand the flesh of this fruit opens the door to all hidden memories within our souls.  We accept with honor and reverence, this blessing of knowing, and ask the Realm to help us in keeping your Light alive on our world.  May it be made manifest in all that we Create.”
“Aye,” repeated each within circle.  This would become their custom anytime a prayer was offered to the Realm. Naofa pierced the oval, ripe fruit, slicing into its heart as it oozed a thick, glistening nectar, much like blood from a fresh wound. Noafa, Eolas and Eagna remembered the moment they tasted its goodness and shared its gifts; but the memory was as a fading dream, even though it had been merely a few cycles past. Their lives had somehow taken on a surreal quality, as though they were watching these things happening to others who simply mirrored their own images.
Naofa separated a jagged slice and handed it to the male seated next to her, the Warrior they all knew as Laoch. Her hand trembled slightly, knowing his understanding of existence would be changed; and in her sincerest heart, she prayed for it to be enriched as well.
How would he handle the knowledge of Creation, the power that he has held all along within himself? Loach took the fruit, a slow rivulet of juice making its way down his dark arm, and made a gesture to share with his friends.  Naofa smiled knowingly but declined for them all. “We have had our taste of Eternity.  This is your experience, Laoch. May it reveal to you your role on our world and bring you the Peace of the Realm.  Eat and be filled, my dear friend.”
Hesitating only a moment, Laoch brought the dripping, spongy flesh to his lips.  His senses were instantly awakened by the sweetest flavor he had known since his birth. His tongue rolled over the fibers with delight until he noticed the faint bitterness that followed but quickly melded into the overwhelming fragrant flavor of this strange fruit.  He smiled, nodded and devoured the entire piece.  He didn’t feel any different, although he wanted more of it, most certainly!  Then slowly, a warm sensation crept up from his toes,  as though tiny insects were trekking up his legs and arms on their journey to his insides.  He felt a warm, pleasant heat in his lower body. It was at once startling until he realized it was a very pleasurable sensation, but one that left him feeling  conspicuous among his friends and not sure why.  The warmth continued upwards to his stomach; and for a moment he thought he might lose his meal, but the feeling quickly left him.  His mind was muddy as he looked around the table, the faces of his friends swirling before his eyes, like they were underwater. Fear took a stab at his consciousness. Did they mean to poison him after all? How could he blame them with the potential danger he might pose to their own safety? But surely not, they were supposed to be his friends…
Noafa, sensed his dis-ease and placed her hand on his to show her affection and support.  He closed his eyes to the swirling and tried to regain his equilibrium.  The  warmth began making its way into his chest and he could see his own heart beating within his mind. It was black as the stone and had red veins running through it; and with every beat, the blood spurted out of the veins and ran to every part of his body, carrying with it the nectar of the fruit still sitting at the back of his throat, half in, half out.  As the warmth reached his throat, the Warrior felt a wave energy welling up within his core. He could see it rising and suddenly felt choked by the unswallowed fruit. He gulped and down it went as the wave emerged from his throat as a deep, low growl. Was it really his own voice sounding like the great bears he hunted with Eolas so many times? Were there new beasts approaching as he sat helpless? Laoch’s eyes flew open and he saw the looks of amazement his friends’ faces, realizing the incredible sound was coming from his own throat. He jumped, but Naofa squeezed his hand again for assurance. The couple smiled at him; and still the drug from the fruit traveled upwards, his face flushed red beneath his dark skin.
Closing his eyes to the strangeness, it was as though he had walked into someone else’s dream.  He could see Light so bright it would have blinded him were he awake. Feeling the energy from this Light filled him with immeasurable ecstasy, a joy that sent salty tears spilling over his cheeks. He didn’t try to stop them.  He felt this intense energy separating as it became more somehow. He would never be able to describe what he knew; but he would always remember this feeling.
Watching as from a great distance, Laoch saw the birth of Domhan, swirling color and light coming together in form. He felt the acceptance of Great Spirit at the world’s inception and witnessed its near destruction by the dark force of Ar’tine, but he was unable to feel anger at what he saw.  His heart was different somehow. He could not judge or hate the darkness within his Father for he felt the great emptiness that filled him from his birth, knew of the struggle that even the dark God experienced with every conscious thought he had. In a few moments Laoch experienced the birth of all living things on Domhan, witnessed M’na’s conception and all that had passed within the Garden from the moment that lovely creature arrived as Mother of their world.
Feeling the pain, joy, ecstasy and fear of all living things was both a blessing and a curse; and he understood, even if only for an instant, the great burden of Mor. The truth was that all had been created for Its comfort, its experience, its gift of Love. Being made in Its own image all souls in existence are Creators and have the power within their own Essence to bring their visions, their dreams, their desires into being.  And all creators, great and small, were responsible for their own creations. Laoch lowered his head to the table, sweat pouring from his body, and wept silently.  It was a beautiful memory. When he lifted his head once more, he saw that the others were weeping as well.

It was Eagna who spoke first. “It is indeed a magnificent gift.  We have carried this knowledge within our being forever.  Now that it has been given, it will be up to you how to use it.  You can hide it away and keep it for your own comfort or you can share it with the All that Is.  You have your own power, Loach, but with that power you must be ever watchful for those that would try to manipulate it, through you.  Tomorrow you will remember this vision, but with each passing cycle it will grow faint. We are reliving it through you right now. We have shared our stories with each other so that we might remind ourselves that it truly happened.  The veil between Spirit and Physical existence grows heavier with every Creation. We have no choice but to create. It is what Mor desired from the first moment of Thought. The one thing you must never forget, must hold alive within every fiber of your being, is that you are Perfect in the eyes of Spirit.  Mor is always with you and will never leave you.  If a separation is felt, it is only because you have forgotten your Eternal home. Do you understand these things I share with you?”

Still reeling from his experience, Laoch nodded and tried to sit upright again. He suddenly felt very sleepy, but knew he would not be afraid to close his eyes to the black night.  The Warrior became acutely aware of Naofa’s hand still resting on his. She had touched him before, her hand had been there throughout his vision; but now it felt different. It stirred something in him that he hadn’t realized before. When their eyes met briefly, both recognized a flicker of flame, ignited for but an instant. Loach withdrew his hand and pushed himself away from the table. Walking to the edge of the overhang he stretched, breathing deeply of the night air, and saw the moon, the stars and his land through new eyes. He felt the night air with a renewed sense of being alive.
Turning to the others who were clearing the remains of their meal he said, “My friends, before my memory of this day has faded into the next,  I need to thank you for being in my world, for your friendship and love. I pledge my undying allegiance to you and the world of Domhan. Please never let me forget this night. ” All said, “Aye” and  prepared to sleep for what remained of the night.
To be continued……
Thank you for reading and I look forward very much to your thoughts, comments or ideas.
Most sincerely,
As always, look to the Light for comfort, help and hope. You are never, ever alone…..

6 thoughts on “Warrior’s Awakening/Forever Never

  1. I will always complain about that “to be continued” ending.

    And wow! I’m loving me this story more and more as it unfolds. You say I am a great writer. I don’t think so. There is writing, and then there is “telling a story.” You are telling a story here. And you are writing it well.
    I must say I love Laoch. He’s so strong. He has such strength. His lack of judgment of Ar’tine has a profound impact. I’ve just realized that myself I’d judged Ar’tine. But now Laoch has made me change my mind.
    Also–and I felt really excited by this!–finally the chemistry between him and Naofa is discovered. Aha! And the way you bring it out! Perfect! It’s not just some erratic pretentious chimerical attraction from a romance novel! It is deep and meaningful. It is a revelation. It is that point when a person says, “oh, this is how it is. I had not a whit of clue!” It is beautiful. That so many things were in him, so much knowledge and power, yet only now he can choose to manifest them, they can be manifested in him.
    I remember how Naofa herself had felt stirrings inside her after eating the fruit, when the rest of the group were disappearing to explore their newfound mysteries.
    But she is strong as well. She did not rush onto him with extravagant affection. Even the prayer she makes. It is respectful. Reverent. Offered with the whole heart.

    You are a great story teller, my friend. A rich one. I give you an A+ in character development and consistency.
    (The slight (and it is slight) is comparing that wonderful fruit with a freshly cut wound. In this context, I find it somehow disturbing.)

    And thanks for the mention. I’m thoroughly honored, wonderfully humbled. Also thanks for writing this chapter for me. I absolutely enjoyed it.


    1. Thank you once more Peter for your evaluation and understanding of the story as it unfolds. I am near tears with gratitude. For your words encourage me that the very thing I am working to accomplish is coming to fruition. I hope that others can find a connection with the characters here. True attraction and sensual chemistry is often realized through a touch or word, a glance or brush. Neither must it always end in instant lusty physical encounters. Sometimes it remains in thoughts and dreams or is not meant to go there at all. It is profoundly moving, nonetheless. As to the fruit, that was good as well. The awakening of consciousness was both a blessing and curse, “wound” upon the perfection of life as they had known it even as it became richer and more emotional. I am planning to put up the next chapter before Monday. Thank you again my friend and I hope your weekend is full of love and light. 🙂


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