arachnaday in June 2014 021.NEF


Alone, merely a patch of color,
a speck of light that glints across the sky.
Prismatic effect of light and matter.

Alone, merely an echo across the canyon
of existence, a fading voice in the cacophony
of sound cascading over the abyss into the river of life.

Alone, merely a thought drifting through the ether,
electrostatic impulses from within the gray recesses
of pulsating matter that calls itself intelligence.

Alone, merely a dot, a speck, a hole and a shadow,
floating, lost, without a purpose or prognosis, not
a passion or a whim-aimless and unrecognized.

Only in the coming together will each patch find
its partner, randomly patterned; every light
know its shadow, every thought answer a question.

Only in the blending will end have its beginning,
death have its purpose, pleasure relieve pain and
every creature slip into its place on the wheel.

A mosaic.  Randomly, perfectly, haphazardly engineered into
chaotic effervescent brilliance!

Cheryl KP
copyright 2014

4 thoughts on “Mosaic/Poetry

  1. A little different from some of your previous poems, but every bit as thoughtful; I like the abstract way you take the poem in different directions but still within the framework of an overall theme and story.


    1. Thank you. I just write them as they occur to me, usually something in the image stirs a thought, inspiration or whim. In this case, the wings reminded me of tiled mosaic art. Glad you enjoyed it.


      1. Everyone has their niche I guess. You certainly have yours! With poetry, the more you write, the more often things come…it is quick and concise, not unlike flash fiction I suppose. Thank you! 😊


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