Bovine Adventures……

Thursday in Sept 2014 035.NEF

Every day in Costa Rica is an adventure. I am never really sure what will turn up, but most assuredly there will be something wonderful, from mild to wild.  Already this week I had the chance to photograph some precious goats grazing by the roadside. While I normally am focused quite pointedly on the microscopic world, the day started with a horse on the low end of the grassy hillside behind our home.  It was a nice horse. I took photos. I didn’t post them. The horses in general here look, well, a bit underfed.  This is not really due to neglect but they are mostly field fed and not supplemented with rich grains or likely brushed every day.  They still look happy.

I have to say that earlier this week my husband came in complaining of “cow surprises” plopped all around our little housing area and warning me to be careful where I stepped. Later the men who take care of the landscaping and maintenance cleaned most of them up. We still have a little present just outside our front door. :/

Imagine my photographer’s excitement when I opened my door this afternoon to see this amazing guy grazing contentedly near the driveway.  I sneaked out for a few shots. Then I told my husband.  Uh oh.  I begged him to wait while I clicked off a few more shots before beginning the “cattle drive”.  When I was done he ran the little guy off. Well….

 Thursday in Sept 2014 042Thursday in Sept 2014 044

He gave it a good try anyway….

That guy really wanted the grass on this side of the fence. You see, his home is up on that hill behind his little brown butt. He figured he pretend he was going but……

Thursday in Sept 2014 045.NEF

Thursday in Sept 2014 047.NEF

Just walk on by….there is no baby cow behind these bushes.  This is not the baby cow you are looking for.

Yeah, like that Jedi stuff works on my husband.  Who did this calf think he was dealing with anyway?

Thursday in Sept 2014 040.NEF

So he munched some more….

This time hubby wasn’t playing….out, off, no coming back!! I mean business, mini cow!!

Thursday in Sept 2014 046.NEF

And off he went, head hung low….poor little guy.

Then we heard a tap on the door.

Thursday in Sept 2014 048.NEF

His friends heard about the yummy grass right next to our house and he brought backup!  More clicks, more complaints, more threats of big sticks and telephone calls. It was time for me to do some good.  “Shoo…sweetie!”

Thursday in Sept 2014 052.NEF

“Just wait guys….follow my lead.”


when Mama starts to yell. I used to watch Rawhide you know.

I mean I couldn’t have anyone strike them.

Run, cows, run!!

Thursday in Sept 2014 055.NEF

And once hubby joined the roundup they knew their little “field trip” was over.

Thursday in Sept 2014 059.NEF

Hey…guys…..anyone remember the way home?

Thursday in Sept 2014 051.NEF

I’ll be baaack……

Oh yay!!!!

20 thoughts on “Bovine Adventures……

  1. More spectacular photos as always… you live in an amazing part of the world, and seeing your pictures and reading of your accounts of it just intensifies my desire to retire to the countryside and see some more of the world again. Great post!


    1. Thanks. There really is a lot of simple beauty in nature. Looking through the keen eye of a zoom lens transports me to another world! You definitely should try it my friend.


    1. Yeah..animals are my buds. I truly wish I had considered animal studies as a career sometimes Peter. And costa Rica stands for itself on appeal but I am more than happy to be a spokesperson! Happy Friday, whatever time it is for you right now!


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