One Prayer/Poetry


One Prayer

Mind’s eye tracing the shadowy path.
Images of life dance across the
Screen in my head.

The voices cry, they sigh and weep
as I gnash my teeth for questions

Save me-them-my children!
Family, friends, so many!
Who will I forget?

Grips my soul, my heart broken.
Can’t breathe-will I die
 of fear?

What if I should pray
simply for peace, healing for All,
the mending of ego’s dark rift?

Not on each but on the whole of life.
For if Spirit in flesh be healed
all prayers shall be answered.
Pain. Darkness. Fear.

All shall disappear before the Light!


Cheryl KP
Copyright photo and poetry 2014

15 thoughts on “One Prayer/Poetry

  1. Nice poem about praying Cheryl. Yesterday I stopped into a church to pray that our eldest girl would get a room on university campus rather than having to get a place in the big bad city 🙂 There is a statue of Padre Pio in there, with a framed A4 sized “Prayer to St Padre Pio” at the base. Hmm…Worth at try! So I knelt down and read the words quietly. The “instant” I finished it with “Amen” my phone rang. (true) It was my wife, all excited, telling me that Ellen had just got accepted for a campus room.
    Now that’s what I call Service! lol 🙂 It was the quickest ever! Faster than a 64 Falcon, even.
    I was so blown away, that when I hung up, I had to tell somebody. So I told a little old lady who was lighting candles. 🙂


    1. That’s wonderful Frankie! I know well about the hotline to heaven. I have had similar miracles. So glad you can sleep better knowing she has a good place to live.


      1. I don’t know it all that well 🙂 But it is certainly doing its best to get my attention lately.
        It is a load off the mind, her getting a safe place. You have seen it all before with your lads 🙂


      2. And on it goes. Seems there is always a need for a miracle when you have children. And grandchildren. At times it seems they are all “due” at once. Thus the occasional night terrors. Finally, I have to hand it over to the “experts” and just trust. You have much faith. And love. Your children are fortunate to have you in their corner. 😀


      3. I don’t know about that. They say He ”loves the sinner” so maybe that’s why the experts are trying hard with me.
        I will be taking a blog break Cheryl, maybe for a month or two. I will perhaps check up on you now and again.
        Keep up the high standards in all your arts. 🙂


      4. Thanks Frankie. I have some changes of my own coming up. Might make me a bit more scarce myself. Do stay in touch. I will keep you all in my own prayers. I’m easy to find on g+. For now that is. 😉 and hey, we’re all “sinners”. Must be why he loves us, every one…


  2. My dad always told me that fear was ‘the devil’s time’ and is always about the future, about what might happen. Thiose words of your mum’s, from John’s 1st letter hold so much power if only we can grasp them.


    1. Such a simple and freeing thing, letting go; but the one we as humans have the greatest difficulty doing. Your Dad was wise. There is no future to fear or past to flee. There is only the moment you are in. And each one is fresh and new, waiting to be filled with perfection.


  3. Very nice, Cheryl. “Ego’s dark rift.” My favorite line. Isn’t our ego always what causes our strife and intolerance of others’ egos? It makes us feel we are better, different, or above, somehow.


    1. Thank you Karen. It makes us fear. And fear is the catalyst for all negative emotions. It is the one thing that is opposite of love. When I was young, I was afraid at night sometimes and my mother, who was a devout Christian in the truest sense of the word would always recite the scripture I still keep in my heart, “There is no fear in perfect love.” She would say that God’s love is perfect and God loved me so there was no need for fear. This returned to me when I began my own search for answers some ten years ago and plays a huge role in my novel. The simple truth is that we are all the same within. I believe Spirit sees only our perfection. If only we could do the same. For ourselves and for one another…thanks for reading!


      1. It sounds to me like you should write a post about that, from the heart. Can I issue a challenge for that? 😉 It truly is difficult to see the perfection in others, even for people who look for such things. I look for such things, but I am only so strong, and revert to pettiness occasionally.


      2. It is challenging to be sure Karen. Most people judge themselves harshly making it impossible to see others in a non judgemental way. I am no expert. It is easier to understand the truth than to live it fully. I will definitely write something in the next few days. We are taking care of some business at present but I promise I will do it soon. Meanwhile, if you have time, catch a few chapters of my book on the blog. You might enjoy it. Thanks again! Hugs!

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