The Life and Soul of Me

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The Life and Soul


A breath!

A whisper, a prayer..

I came into the world, but not alone.

So great was the Creator’s love for me

you were sent along.



Consort, tormentor, friend,

my heart’s deepest desires you share.

We move in time, this dance of life

until our days shall end.



Entwined, combined, one mind

along the winding path we see

the weeds, the seeds, the undertones,

the shadows linger over we.



the pit, the hollow well of pain-

and you gently take my heart.

Hold it safely to your breast to heal

it, every broken part.



 even when  I turn away,

ignore your gentle face and ways;

and still you stay, agree to play,

and help me through the darkest days.



Magic, the rainbow bubble bursts!

I drift away, from shackles free.

We cry and fly into the sky,

as one-the Life and Soul of



Cheryl Pennington




All photos and written work are my own; and I express copyright.










12 thoughts on “The Life and Soul of Me

  1. When I read your poems it takes me back to my literature lectures in college days. Your poems have a touch of contemporary American and British poets that were in my syllabus. Every time I read one, I travel back in time. This one is great as usual.


    1. Thanks Sharukh. Your words mean a lot. I grew up in literature reading those poets. Edna St. Vincent Millet, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Walt Whitman, edgar Allen Poe, William Blake….on and on. To be compared even in a small way to any of these makes my heart very glad. And I am happy when anyone understands and enjoys my work. 😊 I am looking forward to your next beautiful poem!


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