Wings and Pretty Things….

Sunday Hacienda Barau 184.NEF


Brilliance floats on the wind

as fluttering, you brush my hand.

Glints of sunlight shimmer and gleam

though all the color is not as it seems

from beneath.



Sunday Hacienda Barau 048

Ignoring me and my electric eye

you dance, jump, caress the world.

Your velvet slippers and painted wings

speak to my soul of magical things

you have seen.

Sunday Hacienda Barau 042.NEF

Zip, zip, flit and fly, a busy fellow

I wonder at the gleam in your eye.

What sights have you seen as you soar above,

When you sleep what is it your brain dreams of?

Fresh worms?

Sunday Hacienda Barau 058.NEF

Did you know, do you see, you are not alone

in this world of eat or be eaten?

One smaller than thee is approaching you see,

Will you share or reject a fair bee

at your door?

Sunday Hacienda Barau 150.NEF

Ghostly, she proves ’tis not only color

that defines magnificent perfection.

Shadow and light, much grander than hues

of oranges, yellows, violets and blues

mere illusion!

Sunday Hacienda Barau 198.NEF

Elusive, faster than the eye, the hand

that snaps the camera shutter.

Holding my breath I do click, click, click

as, too busy to notice, you lick, lick, lick

the sweet nectar.

Sunday Hacienda Barau 124.NEF

Will you join me, then, for a sweet draft

from this perfect crimson cup of delight?

Come into my world, leave the big behind

as i show you the treasures you surely will find

in wonderland.

Sunday Hacienda Barau 110.NEF

What do you mean I don’t fit here

with the winged, the lovely, the delicate?

Look in my eyes, ancient worlds will appear

the print of my history as I shed bloody tears

for evolution.


What treasures are in your world?  Have you looked at the small miracles lately?  There are so many wonders that exist around us, waiting to lift us up-things that shine, glow, sing, flutter, crawl, jump and thump.  When you slow your pace to keep step with the natural world, there is so much peace to be found. Time, space, and purpose lose all definition as you meld into the landscape. I challenge you to spend half an hour in your day just observing something in nature.  When you begin to really look, you will be amazed at what is there, even in the busiest city.  You don’t have to live in Costa Rica to experience Pura Vida. It lives in your mind, heart and soul.  Make it happen today….


26 thoughts on “Wings and Pretty Things….

  1. This is so beautiful and true. There are so many beautiful things around us that we often take no notice of. I particularly love bumble bees. Weird but true. This was lovely Cheryl.


  2. “When you begin to really look, you will be amazed at what is there, even in the busiest city.”
    Agreed. There is so much to uplift the heart and enrich the soul. If we only look.
    Thanks for those astonishing photos. I’m from a meeting and seeing them here has distracted me a little.


      1. Something is happening that I have lately been unable to receive blog notifications. I have not changed the settings (I confirmed yesterday) but suddenly, from last week, I do not see the notifications. I do not know what my friends are posting. Even the comments to which I subscribed. I have to follow up to see the conversation. What could this be? I must investigate.


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