Wipeout! Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica


Whether you come to Costa Rica for the jungle tours, the historic sites, the gorgeous sunsets, animals, birds or rich coastline-you will not be disappointed!  And you must visit one of the countries most popular beaches.  While there are many beach areas to choose from, Manuel Antonio beach near the fishing town of Quepos, is one of the most beautiful areas around.


Even a “crowded” day will afford you plenty of beach area to roam, sunbathe, swim and most certainly surf.  The waters here provide ideal conditions for beginning surfers and also fun for those with more experience.   While this area is very busy, it appeals to all types of vacationing tourists from singles, couples and families alike.  Just a few steps from the beach across the Manuel Antonio Road will take you to shopping, souvenirs as well as a wonderful variety of foods and drink.  There are many hotels that are within walking distance to the beach and you can also hike down from the hill. There are taxis and buses that run all day and into most evenings.


You might want to hike the beach down to the more private areas or even do a bit of rock climbing to get to Besanz Beach. All along the beach there is access to hotel restaurants and bars as well as one of our favorite little places called Balu. Here you can sit on the beach out of the sun at colorful tables where you are served breakfast, lunch, appetizers and drinks.  YES! Cold beer too.


Those vendors who rent umbrellas and chairs for the day also provide cocktail service on the beach. Most rent chairs and umbrellas for around 3,000 colones, or close to $6 American.  While drink service to the beach costs a bit more, once you are settled in to relax, sometimes you just don’t mind.


So, for a beautiful beach experience without the hassle of so many other Summer time vacation destinations, think about Costa Rica.  There are so many beautiful beaches it may be hard to choose.  We enjoy this area because it is more centrally located for travel near a newly renovated highway that goes all the way to San Jose.  If you go in the opposite direction you can get to Dominical and Playa Ballena, a simply gorgeous National Park area that has miles of sandy beach and shallow water for walking and wading. It is in these areas where there are many whale and  marine life sightings as well as turtle hatching grounds.  Out of Puerto Quepos you can book fishing excursions as well as Catamaran and Mangrove tours.  We have done all of these and recommend any of them.  Some of the best fishing in the country is done from this port town.




Here is just a glimpse of Manuel Antonio beach.  Click the video link for a little music to get you in the mood. Surf’s up!

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16 thoughts on “Wipeout! Manuel Antonio Beach, Costa Rica

    1. Thank you! I do hope you get to visit Costa Rica. Can you imagine? It never gets cold here at the beach. Warm weather all year long! You have to go into the cloud forest for cooler temperatures. But it is all so beautiful. I am fortunate and blessed to have been able to live here.


      1. That IS one of my favorites. Unfortunately I did that piece for a dear friend who had the original. Interestingly enough I attempted to get a litho done of it before we moved so that I could possibly make posters or prints, even maybe mugs or cards. No one does that anymore. I still hope to do prints one day. I will let you know if I get that accomplished. It is kind of fun though isn’t it?


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