One Prayer/Poetry

One Prayer Awake!Mind’s eye tracing the shadowy path.Images of life dance across the Screen in my head. Noise!The voices cry, they sigh and weepas I gnash my teeth for questions unanswered. Praying!Save me-them-my children!Family, friends, so many! Who will I forget? Torment!Grips my soul, my heart broken.Can’t breathe-will I die of fear? Epiphany!What if I should praysimply for peace, healing for All,the mending of ego’s dark rift? Focus!Not on each but on the whole of life.For if Spirit in flesh be healedall prayers shall be answered.Pain. Darkness. Fear. All shall disappear before the Light! Miracle Cheryl KPCopyright photo and poetry 2014 Continue reading One Prayer/Poetry

The Life and Soul of Me

    The Life and Soul   A breath! A whisper, a prayer.. I came into the world, but not alone. So great was the Creator’s love for me you were sent along.   Comforter! Consort, tormentor, friend, my heart’s deepest desires you share. We move in time, this dance of life until our days shall end.   Together Entwined, combined, one mind along the winding path we see the weeds, the seeds, the undertones, the shadows linger over we.   Descend the pit, the hollow well of pain- and you gently take my heart. Hold it safely to your … Continue reading The Life and Soul of Me

Crustacean Meditation….

This is for my friend, Karen, over at Standing at the Mouth of Truth, a wonderfully written, honest blog about truth in every day terms. How we live, how we communicate and how we accept the events of our lives. Check her site out when you have time.  Here is another of my little friends, Karen!  I once thought of doing a series but it never got beyond that. ..     Remember…a little quiet meditation can make a world of difference in your journey….. Continue reading Crustacean Meditation….

To the Cliffs/Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

Laoch wondered that he never noticed her natural beauty before, admiring her tall form and the workmanship in her leather foot coverings, properly tanned and laced to the knees. The Warrior thought to himself how capable this female was-and she, with no mate to help her. Continue reading To the Cliffs/Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

Tis Only a Dream? Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

Rubbing her arms briskly as if to erase the chill of terror from her skin, she pushed her hair from her face and breathed deeply as she allowed the truth of blessed morning to fill her with the peace of awakening from such a dream. And it was only a dream…

Continue reading Tis Only a Dream? Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion