Exposed/Owning Yourself

First of all, I would like to say hi to Karen over at Standing At the Mouth of Truth.  I told you I had one of these that was more embarrassing than yours, sweetie.  At least your face was not mangled in that adorable little grade school photo you posted :).  As promised, here is the winner in lineup of my own “wall of photographic shame”.  This was taken during my third grade year.  I remember it well.  It was a mixed bag of emotions. I got student of the year and was honored by my teacher. (confusing, though, because they had me gave HER a silver coin) At any rate, it might have been perfect if not for this little photo.  In those days they did not do any retouching and what you saw was what you got. And what parent does not buy their child’s school photos?

What a joke really.  Back then the photographers came and set up in the cafeteria or gym (back then there were actually BOTH) and students piled up in line in for shifts of photo taking.  Why, oh why,  my “shift” always seemed to come after PE is beyond me; but such was my lot for years.  And I had loooong straight hair by the time I was in sixth grade which meant tangles galore and stringy wet hair for many shots.  Picture it: me shuffling into line with that little black doll’s comb they give you for free, the one I HAD to use because, even in high school,  there was no time to make the hike all the way back across the campus to my locker. You know the one-the locker that was located in Siberia Hall, in no close proximity to any of your classes, causing you to have to lug around most of your books and notebooks to every single class so as not to be late.  What?  You mean a girl can’t go to the bathroom, make the ten minute trek across the campus and back, and get into her seat in ten minutes? For shame.  Not that I didn’t try it once or twice.  I mean that history book alone was likely the reason for some of my back trouble today. But I digress.

The whole point is that I was so ashamed of this photo throughout my years in school, and begged my mother not to share it, show it, or even keep it.  But, well, you know mothers. I do; and now that I am one myself, I fully understand her position.  It was a moment frozen in time for a lifetime.  She didn’t care that my nose looked like ground meat or that my shame was larger than her adoration for her child.  And, somewhere in her mother’s heart she knew my own feelings would change once I matured-and had children of my own.  With four I can tell you we scraped up funds for every single photography school session that came along with only one exception.  My youngest was in high school, hated the photos, and admittedly wanted no part of it.  With the increased expenses of everything “going professional” I agreed not to purchase them. But pssst….I kept the sample photos and still have them today. In a dark drawer.  In an envelope.  Marked “TOP SECRET.” He was still adorable.  For those of you who are not yet parents, there are no bad photos of your child. 

I know, I know, I’m stalling. I know you are thinking it. So…..without further ado, let me give it to you.  My worst school photo ever.  And you know what?  I think she is really quite cute, even with the Bo Bo.  What do you think?  Do you have a “worst photo ever”? Tell me about it. 




(Uggh), I mean awwwww…hello Cheryl!!

10 thoughts on “Exposed/Owning Yourself

  1. Oh my goodness! How cute are you here? Bobo on your nose and all – a sweet girl I am sure I would have befriended. My worst ever photo? It is very recent. I had to get a mug shot done to update my US passport, and my hair was pulled back. I look like a dude. A hairless dude on death row for murder. You think I’m joking, but it is true. It is THE WORST pic ever. I am already dreading international travel… 😊


    1. Oh it can’t be as bad as all that. Let’s see it! 😀 I got lucky with my passport. Got our photos done at Walgreen’s and I actually smiled. I used to hate smiling as a teen because I developed crooked front teeth. The way they turned in would make me look like I had a gap. I have had a bit of work done here in CR although they are nowhere near perfect. You should see me today. I could pass for a hairless myself. lol


  2. Oh boy. Note to self: haircuts in Panama? Bad idea. But note to Cherly: thanks, but …NONONONO! Not happening. Seriously. Ever since the MTO (Ministry of Transport) decided that mug shots for the driver’s licence must be taken similarly to those for a passport (no glasses, no smiles) my photo is AWFUL. Seriously, awful, bad, terrible and this is just preamble. Seriously.

    Now that you mention it, I bet my mom cut my hair as short as she did in order to get as much mileage between barber sessions! Here’s a photo of me when I was a girl. It’s a glamour shot that my dad took. A gap in the teeth if my eyesight isn’t playing tricks, and several bruises on the shins… ice skating mishaps, I do believe.


    1. Awwww you look so Father Knows Best. Just like Kitten. Wow, bruises. Bet you had fun though! What was WITH the bang thing? Were they afraid we would go blind? lol Yep, likely saving dimes where they could. I know my Dad cut my brother’s hair with barber sheers. Bummer about your ID photos. In the states they have finally decided it is okay to smile for ours-but you gotta be quick! It’s like a game. lol Thanks for sharing your beautiful photo.


  3. You see the “worst school photo ever,” and I see a cute, endearing photo of someone I like and admire! A sweet-looking little girl I didn’t know (but probably would have really liked), whose nose is far from mangled. I’m tickled that you played out this idea. Thank you for the mention, too!


    1. Well thanks Karen. I would have loved to have you as a friend, I am sure. I was SO insecure. A real wallflower. Still am really. No lie. And this is likely not the worst photo of all but it is the one that carries the most trauma with it. Partly because the accident was caused by my little brother. We had our times…
      Thanks for sharing yours….
      I think we need a whole book for people to “shed” their insecurity by exposing their worst ever photo!


      1. I also have a pretty bad senior photo. Of all the pictures that they took of me, I didn’t like any of them. I also never chose one, or had my photo re-taken in time to make the yearbook. the one they chose for me is similar to the one I displayed several weeks ago. I probably still make that face.


      2. Same here Karen. I was not one of the “beautiful people” and the photographer wasn’t interested in flirting with me or bringing out my best assets. I was left to my own devices and my “sexy, contemplative” look was more like a stoned deer in the headlights expression. I hated that my folks paid money for them. The cap and gown was tolerable and that went into the yearbook. If I don’t smile, like ALL the time, people think I am mad or sad or stuck up. Boy do my jaws get tired! lol :DDD


  4. You have a megawatt smile there, Cheryl! 😀

    I cannot show you my worst photo because it would blow up the internet. Seriously.

    Did your mom cut your hair, btw? You have bangs similar to mine. Mom did my hair until I left home at 20. Yeah. Not pretty.


    1. Haha! Maggie I don’t recall but I am sure she did. And so SHORT. ugh. It reminds me of a recent incident when I, so far from “home” and my beloved hair stylist, took a trip to Panama and after much dragging of my feet and much cajoling by the two men who accompanied me (husband and a friend) I succumbed and had my hair cut in a border salon where the beautiful young woman did not understand a word I was saying and I could not speak Spanish. Got this same cut. Did it make me feel all warm and fuzzy nostalgic? :/
      Right now I am beginning to look like a Jungle Jane but I am going to be very careful about the shearing process this time around. lol
      I’d still like to see that photo, Maggie. Once I reached high school I just grew it out. I wouldn’t speak of bangs for years to come. And thanks. At least I was still smiling! 😀


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