Happy Birthday Dumbo



The Birth Day


She waits.

Her body morphs, her mind expands

as friends and family advise.


She hopes

it all ends soon, her vision clear

that no trouble should arise.


She cries,

the pain is long and never ends.

She longs to see his face.


She marvels,

at labor done, her belly gone-

 the miracle in its place.


She smiles,

the girl she was now disappeared,

fear gone without a trace.


The girl

she knew that grew, and now

the Mother takes her place.


She beams

with pride, the well inside

has grown throughout the years.


With other

 wonders showing up

bringing laughter, growth and tears.


But you

will always be the one

who broke the magic spell.


A daughter

dreamer, lover, friend became

 the Mom you know so well.


Cheryl KP






Happy Birthday from the one who has been transformed by your entrance into this dream, this illusion, this wonderful world that opened its arms to catch you when you fell from eternity.

I love you!

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dumbo

    1. Thanks Karen. I share the birthdays with each of them, although the youngest and I actually share the same birth date! I’ll be posting something for you later. Stay tuned…..


    1. I am happy my feelings came across Peter. Sometimes there is so much emotion in joyful love, it is difficult to express. He is a special guy and we are very good friends. Thanks.


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