Another sunrise,

another beauty flies.

Going about the Sunday business of living.

Glints of delight

and a savory bite

for the wanderers, ripe for the giving.

Flowers stand tall

as the raindrops fall

quenching the thirst of the earth.

Remnants and views,

wonders and news,

Moments of reverie for soul’s rebirth.

The sun tires of play

at end of the day

driving large and small to seek repose.

Yesterday, as today

and every other day

was as perfect as any of those

gone before.


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Sorry everyone. I have tried and tried to put the video screen in but all it will upload for me is the link.  sigh…

12 thoughts on “Yesterday/Photography

  1. Lovely photos Cheryl..and your poem…Costa Rica is definitely not wasted on you.
    We had a heat wave here in Ireland this week (30 degrees centigrade) Phew!
    That is probably classed as a cold week in your paradise.


    1. Ha! Sorry for the heat wave. Yes, well, that would be about 86F here and it is an average temperature for all year long, except when it soars to the 90 degree range. Coupled with humidity it can be pretty brutal. That is why we like the ocean breezes. AND the AC in the bedroom for sleeping. Now in the mountains they have much milder temps. 40 degrees at night, which is very cool. We needed a fire at night when we were up there on vacation. So good to see you. I hope all is well in your beautiful corner of this world. Thanks for the kind words. Today I am very happy due to getting my zoom lens back, fully recovered, following my unhappy fall with it just after we arrived. I hope to have more photos soon. Pura Vida my friend. 😀


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