It’s Raining…../Poetry

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It’s Raining

Sound of thunder,
rush of wind,
misty warmth rises
from the steamy Earth.
She weeps for her children,
salty tears of yearning
as her heart beats in time
with all of Creation.
It rains….


13 thoughts on “It’s Raining…../Poetry

    1. I am glad to have inspired good memories for you. I am eager for the day you share some more poetry with us. I sometimes get inspired at the oddest hours. Knowing how the brain works to forget things I often hop out of bed to scribble down notes if the thoughts are truly inspired. I am nuts like that. Lol


      1. Oh I certainly want to write one and many. I keep thinking about you and your poems even while I am commuting, and sometimes I do get ideas when I am in train, but its so damn crowded. By the time, I reach home, I am as good as dead and due to lack of vitamins all good ideas evaporate. I have actually worked on one article regards to education only for you and our group. I will upload that in few mins.


      2. I understand your dilemma and restrictions. Do you not have any elbow room? Iw as thinking even scraps of paper or napkin you might scribble notes on just to save the idea. The. Later you could write and tune it. I look forward to your new post then! I haven’t had time to read the one you linked for me. Trying to worj on the book and also look for some photo and poetry contests. I seriously would like to earn a bit of money while doing all this writing and photography.


    1. Thank you so much! It was such a glorious experience, one of those you just know leaves an imprint on you. I literally giggled with glee listening to the rain thundering down on the tin roof of that building. I will have to post the cat photo for you next. I think you will like that one. Poor kitty wanted to be away from us but had to remain. 🙂


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