Night comes on tiptoed steps,
 slipping across the stark glare of life.
Night comes in stealthy strides,
  wrapping itself around the hungry heart.

Night creeps into the bed, sliding
  into linen transformed by its touch.
Night covers with silken robes,
  its cool breath awakening senses.
Night woos, tempts, satisfies, answers
  the call of lusty desire.
Night conceals, disguises, disarms the
  illusion of sin, the voice of reason.
Night-the friend, the foe, the wizard
  behind the dream, the giver of hope
     to passions denied in the daylight.
Sweet conqueror, champion of the body,
  beguiler of hearts and stealer of souls;
I wait for the brilliant flicker of sun’s last
  whispers into the velvet shade which
    blinks the world to sleep.
Waiting for the lover, the cover,
  the warm blanket to hide the
    harsh truths that shine in the
   face of another day

Cheryl KP


8 thoughts on “Night

  1. You give night glory. That’s so different from its usual dark connotations. I love it. And you’ve caught the beauty of it, the uniqueness. It’s original, ingenious. Loved.


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