Magnificent Moths

Moth Animal Totem: Relationships; Sense of Smell

Moths are messengers. When they fly around you in great numbers, expect a message to come to you. A single Moth flying around you can mean that what was hidden will be revealed. Moth can cut through confusion, so ask Moth for help when you are being pulled in many directions and are unsure of what project to tackle first. Moth gives you good instincts – when you meet someone, ask yourself if he/she “feels” right. If they feel wrong, walk away. Moth can help you attract a romantic partner; but be sure to trust your senses. If the person is wrong for you, you will feel that the attraction is wrong and may even be repelled by that person. However, if it does feel right, essential oils rather than perfumes or other man-made fragrances will enhance the attraction. Moths are nocturnal so if Moth is your totem you are more active during the evenings and nights

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It is not at all unusual for animals, insects or other creatures to appear in one’s life at different times of growth and searching. Often we attribute it to the season, moving to a new area or changes in weather.  When such creatures appear repeatedly, and especially when they are not something you normally experience, it might be wise to seek the information or message it may be trying to convey.  You might be amazed at what you find out.  This week we have friends visiting from the states and we have had many creature encounters.  I have been to a butterfly garden twice in two weeks so I am feeling very in tune with winged messengers.  Yesterday seemed to be a moth day.  I decided to look up Moth energy and identify the species we had our close encounters with.  Moths can often be messengers of Spirit, and there are several mystical theories as to their message.  As Ted Andrews taught in his books about Animal Wisdom, it is prudent to look up the habits and nature of the specific energy that is entering your world for more insight into the personal message that is there for you.


Black Witch Moth


Urania Swallowtail Moth

Who is speaking to you through nature?

Pura Vida!!

2 thoughts on “Magnificent Moths

  1. Mothman Prophecies. I remember that one with Richard Gere.
    And there is another:
    “Don’t go near the light!”
    “I can’t heeeeelp it!

    Have a great day. Cheryl. Thanks for the post.


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