Happy Birthday to Us!


Happy 25th!!

Thank you for being you.



So much a part of me

and yet so much of he,

you will be what we are not-

peaceful unity.

Me, creativity, he ingenuity.

Me, devotion, he, locomotion.

May you boldly paint the world

with brilliant, brave emotion.


I am hearth and home,

he feels the need to roam.

I say hello, he waves goodbye.

Laughing, he leaves as my tears I dry.

Hold your loved ones close and never question why.

I am hopeful anticipation while

he is cautious contemplation.

I, slow to try-he ready to fly.

You will chase the shifting winds,

pausing merely to wonder why.

I am you. You are he.ย  As long as you breathe,

We shall be.

Cheryl Kp



You knew I had to! My little Opie.


Go ahead, get dirty!ย  We had to shove your finger into that cake!


We have had some interesting cakes all these years. I think my favorite was the Star Wars cake though.ย  But the best tasting was

Death by Chocolate. Yum…..


Your milestones should always bring back good memories for these are treasures from your youth.


And we are more proud than you will ever know of the man you are becoming.


Don’t lose sight of your dream……


Ya’ big weirdo!


No one loves you more.

Enjoy the magical moments of memories….


21 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Us!

  1. Love this! My daughter will be 25 in a couple of weeks and has just returned from 6 months in Cape Town, working with a charity there. She’s now looking for the direction to plant her next steps. Best wishes to your son in his future …


    1. How wonderful to have a child close again, Julia. May her birthday be beautiful. Thanks. And much luck to her in choosing her next turn in the road.


      1. Thank you. It is a real blessing and privilege to have her home. And I am doubly blessed to have our son, just a couple of years older, living less than 10 minutes away on foot. I know that things change, so I am really learning the joy of living in the moment.


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