Butterfly Ballet/Butterfly Magic at Hacienda Baru

Recently we made a short trip to Hacienda Baru Nature Preserve, near Dominical, Costa Rica. There are cabinas there with several trails for hiking, a great open air restaurant, and a beautiful butterfly garden. I could have stayed watching and snapping photos for days; but we just weren’t prepared for a long visit. We plan to return soon with friends and do some serious hiking.  That is, if they can tear me away from the dancers in the garden….Here is some of the magic of that afternoon….



Immersed in its Butterfly Ballet upon the golden stage, the delicate dancer paid no mind to the watchful eye that captured its graceful movement…

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I heard a whisper on the wind,
your voice engulfed my soul.
Nectar, sweet, intoxicating,
your kiss that made me whole.
Come fly with me to heights of gold
where angels rest their heads.
Or take my hand for one last dance
across the flaming reds.
To dance, to fly, to taste true love
within this life we know
What more to want, to hope or dream
but to glow and grow and know?
Cheryl KP

9 thoughts on “Butterfly Ballet/Butterfly Magic at Hacienda Baru

  1. What makes natural things so beautiful? Look at that butterfly, that flower! I was looking at a certain bug yesterday, and it did indeed look beautiful, perfect colours, arrangements, proportions and all, and I wondered what designs such. That theory of randomness, how does it explain all this ordered, perfect beauty? Or may be what I consider ordered and perfect beautiful is really but a randomness in the pattern of all things?


    1. Aren’t they just so lovely? I think both ideas could be true. Why does it have to be either/or? Why couldn’t something have created the grand matrix that randomly puts all the pieces together so perfectly, based in a numeric system? Hmmmm…..


      1. That’d be right. Sometimes I wonder why some things look beautiful to me but not others. What I consider ugly, why does it appear so? What makes me find it repulsive? Isn’t it part of divine Mathematics itself? I heard a program on BBC about disgust. That disgust is in fact good; it is the body’s way of keeping safe from diseases or disease-causing organisms and harmful environments. What about the other things that are obviously harmless but which we cannot stand? Aren’t they also part of a perfect pattern?I wonder at this.


      2. I well understand your position Peter. I have gone throguh similar feelings. For myself, I have boiled it down to the difference between discernment and judgement. I think it is very unhealthy to adopt a passive position in life unless one is truly that advanced that nothing bothers them. When you never acknowledge or react to negative emotions, I feel they become trapped inside the psyche, causing menatl anguish and physical dis ease. However, neither does allowing these emotions to drive your existence offer health and peace. For one to function without constant abuse from the darkness that exists, I think discernment is very necessary, seeing things as they are and making choices based on those observations. Judgments come in when we convict, try and punish others for thinggs we have no exact knowledge of. Like seeing someone who looks suspicious because of how they are dressed, who they are with or where they come from. In your mind at the moment of judgment you have already created this negative outcome or existence therefore making it a real possibility. Our thoughts are very powerful things my friend. In life it is never so easy to think and act outside of these strong influences. To me it is very tiring to be watching my own thoughts as well as trying to dodge the thoughts of everyone else!


    1. I believe there is much here that you would really enjoy. You should definitely go to the mountain ares as well. So much beauty in the cloud forests and volcano areas too. Lots of variety of birds. I do hope you get to visit this country someday.


    1. I was thoroughly giddy with excitement for all the butterflies. The best part is that they were outdoors in the open gardens and not in the enclosure. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the photos.


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