The Secret/The Revelation/Forever Never


Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

copyright photo and words 2014

We left our band of friends about the make ceremony, calling to the Eternal Realm for blessing on their desire to create new life on their world.  Shadowed by the act of deceit which took place in the Sacred Garden, the Light Ones are encouraged by the words of the Sorceress and are eager to be in the presence of the Creators again.

  The Secret/The Revelation
When all the preparations were complete and the sun began slipping behind the distant crests, everyone took their place within the Circle of Union, the name they agreed best described their gatherings of ceremony.  Each knew their role; and watching them now was as watching the fluid motion of the river, shore and sky complimenting one another.  Naofa stood in the center, stoking the fire and adding fresh herbs when the incense waned as she whispered her words of beckoning to the Eternal Realm. Eagna always thought it was the most beautiful sound she knew.  When Naofa spoke, the birds ceased their chattering calls as the forest’s creatures crept closer to the fringe of the clearing, many finding a place to lie down and rest, as they waited for the miracle of beckoning to bring their Creators.

Eolas and Eagna, although usually seated apart, were now  side by side on the same flat stone, hands clasped with their free arms outstretched.  In unison their gentle chants carried on the fragrant night breeze while they worked to cast off the heavy cloak of physical existence that they wore by day.

M’na sat closest to the fire pit, as the Mother of the Garden and Initiator of the counsel, with Fireann slightly behind, as protector and companion.  Amhain was called from his usual place at his Mother’s feet to sit in the center of the circle this night, for he was the focus of their request.  It would be the manifestation of his existence as a complete soul that would determine the outcome of their most earnest desire.
“If only Laoch could be here to complete the circle,” thought Eagna.  The circle had been called too quickly to send for their warrior friend; but he would be in their thoughts and therefore with them in Spirit as they made their ceremony.  And, for reasons she did not yet comprehend, it was a blessing he would not be present.
After a few moments of meditation, the forest that flanked them began to fill with low, gray mists.  Slowly they flowed into the Circle of Union, enveloping the participants in a cool haze. The moon was not bright, so there were shadows that danced about the clearing. Within the circle, however, a soft glow began to emanate from the fire, hovering above the flames.
Sensing a presence, M’na opened her eyes. She watched her son now, thinking how very small he looked in spite of how much he had grown, sitting completely alone before the fire pit. The heady effect of the herbs gave her a great sense of calm, warding off her usual protective instincts when it came to her prized possession.  So she continued to watch with a detached interest devoid of anxiety or fear.

Amhain had learned quickly how to mimic his parents’ movements while in meditation.  As he grew in consciousness, he began to exceed  them in his ability to quiet his mind and focus on the light at the center of his Essence. Many times as a young boy, stumbling about the clearing, he would look up and gleefully point to empty air, beckoning his mother to see.  When she asked her young son what it was he saw, he would just giggle and hug himself. M’na understood that being so newly created he was still close to those in the Realm; and with his mind not yet fogged by the density of his physical form, he could still easily see Spirit in Essence. She was thankful for this; but it waned as he grew taller and spent more time learning the ways of the living world. What was gained in the way of the physical mind was lost to the realm of the spiritual in the unconscious. It seemed to be the way on Domhan.  She remained thankful for their times in meditation and for the gift of seeing Spirit that manifest in physical form-if that could be trusted any longer.

Amhain sensed his Mother’s distraction and, opening his eyes briefly, he smiled at her and slowly shook his head-her signal to withdraw from her busy thoughts, which she did, smiling to herself at his mimicking the ways he was taught by his parents.

The Light within the circle grew brighter as the vapors drew together, taking form. Naofa dropped a thick, tarry substance into the bowl over the fire, and the heaviness in the air grew thicker.  The sensation each one felt was as that of being in a dream,  unable to control things but not wanting to either. They could hear rustling leaves as the scent of the night blooming flowers filled their circle. This they had come to know as the signal of the Feminine Essence among them.

The vaporous form soon became a looming silhouette that rose before Naofa.  As its rounded head formed and new eyes shone out from it, she recognized the great bird before her as her Mother Bandia. When the Goddess spoke, her voice was recognized by all living things. The creatures bowed their heads and barely breathed when in her presence.
“The Light of Eternity shines in everything here tonight.  We, your Mothers, arrived long before the setting of the sun and have watched and waited, even though you have not felt our presence until now. You must be certain, my children, that your deepest desires must be revealed to us directly, lest they be intercepted.  Know that when you call, we hear.  If ever you do not receive the answers you seek, it is either because you are not being bold enough to ask the question, or you are not stilling your mind enough to hear our voices. It has been the way of Spirit to not interfere with your walk upon Domhan in the physical. There had been no need, for your existence here has been simple, beautiful and untouched by darkness. Until now.   Your Mothers know of the deceit which took place last night within the sanctity of the Inner Garden.”

M’na shifted uneasily on her crossed legs and looked guiltily up at the form of her beloved Mother.  The vision of Bandia as the stalking, wide eyed night bird that now stood before her took her breath away momentarily. She wanted to speak but her voice was frozen in her throat.  Before she could recover it, her the great Owl spoke directly to her.

“Dearest Daughter, Mother of Domhan.  Please forgive me for not knowing of the plan to deceive you. I vowed to always protect you with my Love and it was with true regret and empathy that I shared your pain when you discovered the truth.”

M’na had been prepared to plead for her Mother’s forgiveness for her own self, for not being able to see through the guise of Ar’tine, and for not having, in her haste, been able to see the lie that was unfolding before her. Instead, to her disbelief and awe, here was her eternal Mother, asking her human child for forgiveness.  It was almost too much love to bear. A single tear escaped her dark brown eyes, making a glistening trail across her soft cheek.

It was in that pure moment of salvation that M’na revealed her deepest guilty secret, one she had not fully realized she kept until the words left her lips-and her heart. “Mother, I humbly accept your apology, although I have not thought to blame any but myself for my error.  It weighs heavy on my soul to ask for your forgiveness of my blind trust, for not recognizing the false nature of the vision I followed.  If I had been acting completely in a state of Love, I would not have selfishly gone on such an impulse.  I would have realized things were not as they seemed.  She lowered her eyes and stared at a speck of ash that now danced across the soft earth near her foot. “I now understand that this deceit was accomplished because I was not considering my sister’s needs  as well as my own.”

M’na cast her eyes up and nodded towards Eagna who was  gazing gently at her friend. How she longed to hold the Mother of her world and comfort this beautiful female.  Eagna swallowed the lump that arose in her throat and turned to look at the great winged bird who now looked expectantly to the Wise One.

“M’na is hasty in bearing the burden of blame for herself alone, Mother Bandia.” She touched Eolas on the shoulder, he lifted his face, and opened his eyes to the miracle of form there in the circle. “Eolas and I had already decided to wait until she received the blessing from you. No injury was done to me or to our hope in her going forward before us.”
Bandia looked from one face to another as she took in this outflow of love from her creations. Blinking, splinters of light radiated from her eyes as she shifted,  flexing the sharp, dark talons that supported her feathered form;  and she began to address them all once again.

“It is with appreciation and acceptance that I witness your unconditional love for one another. Yet it is with sorrow and regret that I also feel the pain you are inflicting upon yourselves in the name of guilt and blame. This comes from your place of separation and must be corrected.  Many things have already been done in the name of love which were in error.  With conscious thought comes the mind’s own perception and that thought may include a perception of love. And an error in this perception will only end in pain.  Only when you accept Unconditional Love for your own self will you be able to fully send it back out into the All that Is.  Do you understand these things?” The females nodded in assent.

Fireann and Eolas had been silent so far but their logical brains were struggling to be able to fully comprehend the meaning of her words. It was Fireann who spoke, “But, Mother Bandia, how will we know if the time to act in the name of Love is upon us? How can we choose the path that completes our own journey and yet does not impede others on theirs? How does one recognize a deception when deception does not know a home within one’s own mind?”  Bandia looked down at Fireann with compassion and empathy and tried to answer him the best that she could.

“Dear Father of Humankind, Existence is still in its infancy.  We are all learning Consciousness together.  One cannot know of a perception that is not their own.  Because of your recent experience, you understand the act of deception; but you still do not understand that it was not done to harm you or your family.  The one who deceived you does not see his own error.  Due to his perception of Love for his own creation, he is impatient for her return to the physical.  What he has not realized is that all action, all thought, and all desire in Existence can-and will- affect the All That Is. He will learn this, however, or not be allowed to continue to interact freely within Existence.  This world of creation is young, much like Amhain. We must work together to ensure its growth into perfection .

With her last words, Mother Bandia turned and stepped aside, making room for the new apparition that was already filling the void where she had just stood.

A playful breeze stirred the dust within the circle, creating a tiny gray whirlwind.  It was small at first, but gained breadth as it whirled upward; and the swirling form began to glimmer with every color and particle that existed, even some those within the circle had never seen before. It was as though all they knew of their world was forming within this vortex of energy; and it was happening in an instant even as it seemed to stretch endless.  Everyone was entranced and peace enveloped them as they watched the spinning whirlwind.

Climbing ever higher, it began to take form, top to bottom, slowly and beautifully.  The gray mists and hazy dust fell away as the swirling energy transformed into the purest white that any of them had seen since Inion’s appearance as the great white spider.

‘Is she returning in this form to show me how gravely I was mistaken in my discernment?’, wondered the humbled female. M’na fought the feelings of shame and inadequacy that arose within her core.

As the form continued to take shape, it became evident that this was no spider at all. This was another winged creature.  The rounded head, the gentle slope of its neck giving way to the full, soft body forming beneath it-all spoke of another familiar winged one.  They had all seen such a creature in the forest, each one had heard its gentle cooing to greet the morning and to call to its mate in the evening.  All had accepted the calming effect it had on their Essence; and they knew it was one of Domhan’s most precious gifts. When the dust settled, the great white Dove standing before them opened her eyes and the Light of Eternity was blindingly brilliant for a moment. She blinked and the light in the dove’s eyes became a symphony of brilliant color before fading into the deep azure, like the last moments of sky as the sun slips from its face. No question lingered in anyone’s soul about the identity of this presence. Mother Inion was with them.

They bowed their heads and allowed the Love of the Feminine to fill them. Naofa heard a fluttering and looked up to see a row of the very same winged creatures, in various shades of whites and grays, encircling the  clearing. She knew she would never look upon such a creature again without peace filling her soul.

When Inion spoke, the vibration of Eternity was felt by all on Domhan. Nothing stirred while in her counsel.

“It is with the deepest Love and overwhelming sorrow that I come to you tonight, my Leanai.  My love is Eternal, Unconditional and freely given to you, even in those times when you have deemed yourselves unworthy.  As Great Spirit has gifted Its own Creation with such love, so must it be extended to that which is created beyond one’s self for it to be fully experienced. If there is but one truth, then this is it. None who is present here is ignorant of the darkness that exists within our souls, nor of the truth that it can be made to seem greater than the Light that defines Existence.  Great Spirit does not hold any of us to task for the destruction of this place of within, but rather to be in accord with it. Be advised that to recognize it does not signify its victory over you, nor does succumbing to its often persuasive lies render it permanent master over you. It is still your own heart and mind which must guide you in the way of love and light.”
Bandia looked down at M’na whose upturned face glowed in the evening light and felt her daughter’s gratitude for these words.

The Dove continued,  “None in Eternity can know the effect of the darkness within, or upon, any of you yet.  We are young in Existence and many things will come to be known and experienced. Such is the way of Existence, such is the purpose of Creation-to experience the Unknown.  We acknowledge here with you now, and  are well pleased with, the sense of unity that exists within Domhan’s firstborn son.  There is no measure of passing in Eternity. The Light of Creation shines as an eternal sun. In that realm all things happen as though with a single thought. We understand the passing of cycles here on this world and that the stirrings of your own creative desires is strong.  Our hope for perfection through physical creation was to mend the empty space that is left at the point of separation from its Source.  We now understand that this is impossible. Only by the All returning to its Source will this be accomplished. If at any time you wish to relinquish your place in Creation, you need only ask and Great Spirit will return you to Its bosom.”

The Light flickered within Inion’s blue eyes for an instant as her form seemed to fade slightly, revealing the deep forest behind her as though glimpsed through a fog.  Naofa continued to fill the bowl with her tarry miraculous oils, filling the air with sickly sweet numbness. Inion’s form returned to clarity before their eyes as their heads swooned from the curling smoke wafting its way into their nostrils; and she continued.
“With every new creation that joins this physical world, our ability to reach you becomes more veiled. This is regretful to all within Eternity. Even though you cannot see your Creators as you once did, you must always remember that you are never alone.   Great Spirit is always present in your world, even for those such as Ar’tine, whose darkness may overcome their will to see and be known before the Light. That Light lives, even with the faintest flicker, within your soul; and your soul is Eternal. Only your physical form will know an end.”  The Inion-Dove then stepped over to where Eagna and Eolas sat side by side, their hands clasped so tightly their knuckles showed no sign of blood flowing into them; and she felt their hearts open, honest, and willing. It was with the blessing of Eternity that Inion addressed their love.
“Of course you may create life here on your world. You have shown your immense capacity for Love and sacrifice. A child born under your guidance and care will surely know its true gifts.” Inion motioned for Bandia to join her side where they spread their wings, tips touching, so that the group was completely encircled within them. Their next words bore a sense of urgency tinged with apprehension. The eager females who longed for a child did not detect it; but the males and the Sorceress felt it immediately. Her voice solemn, the Goddess continued.

“No more will there be a need to ask for the gift of creation among you. You will understand your natural creative power before this night ends,” whispered Bandia. She lowered her wing slightly to reveal the table that had been spread for feasting. Upon it were all of nature’s gifts that the little band of friends gathered as well as the meats that were  hunted and blessed. They all recognized the bounty; but now, there was something else. In the center of the table, with one for each soul in the circle, was the fruit of the tree of Creation.

M’na recognized it at once and gasped slightly. It was the actual fruit from the tree in the Sacred Garden.  There was none other like it in the Forest or on all of Domhan.  Her eyes fell on its glistening skin, recalling what the nectar of the tree tasted like. She wondered that the fruit might be so sweet as to destroy one, since her Mother had strictly forbidden her to ever eat of it. Could this be a new ruse, a new deception of the dark son of Mac?  Could it be that they were all cast under some dark spell, even now? Her eyes flew to Naofa, who simply touched her finger to her lips and smiled softly.  No sooner had these thoughts entered her mind than Inion at once quelled her fears.

“What you see before you now is true and originates from the Light of Eternity. Whenever you call upon the Realm for help, you will be answered.  If ever you are uncertain, which in the face of that deception which molested your safety is understood, then you must gather with your friends and come to Spirit together.  Listen to the sound of your innermost knowing.” Bandia looked at M’na.

“Was it truly with great confidence and trust that you entered the Inner Garden to accept Ar’tine in his guise as your Mother? I ask you this not to condemn you, but merely to enlighten you and increase your awareness of the duality that exists within everything.”

M’na admittedly felt uncertainty and more than a little fear when she followed the voice, that she questioned in her mind the stealthy way in which her Mother’s vision had come to her.  It had not arrived in the counsel of friends and family, but alone and under cover of deep darkness.  Now, in this moment, wrapped in her Mothers’ love and support, she felt no guilt or shame.  She knew only an awareness that her ability to discern between things of the Light and Darkness had not been worthy, along with a heavy sorrow that now she would have to fear deception in her once perfect world.

Mor quickly whispered to M’na’s Spirit, “Remember, there is no fear in Perfect Love.” She heard Its voice! In her deep state of acceptance and meditation she heard the voice of Great Spirit once more, even as It had spoken to her at the time of Amhain’s birth.  How quickly had she become enmeshed in her daily living and forgotten the fullness of Unconditional Love. Truly the Mothers spoke in earnest when they said the voice of Eternity was heavily veiled.  Feeling comforted, her thoughts returned to the fruit, her mind questiong, and she asked the goddess what everyone was wondering but hadn’t voiced.

“Mother, you once told me it was forbidden to eat the fruit of the tree in the Inner Garden and that by doing so I would surely see the end of my days on Domhan. What did that mean? I thought surely my life would end if its flesh passed over my lips.”

Bandia looked down into M’na’s questioning, genuine face and smiled within. How innocent and trusting new Creation is, she thought. How innocent she herself had been, how shaken in her foundation of Light when Ar’tine appeared.  She also knew that emotion was experience and that experience, thus far, seemed to enrich the quality of Existence for Great Spirit and all It encompassed.

“I spoke in truth, Mother of Humankind. Eating this fruit will not bring an end to your life here on Domhan, but in doing so you will understand the truth about creation and about human existence; and that knowledge will both terrify and enlighten you.  From a place of Love I was trying to protect you from what you need not have known.  Things are now in a state of great transformation. We may not be able to intervene as we once did on your behalf. So much depends on your own state of understanding, of communion and discernment.  You need to be equipped with the knowledge that can destroy you or bring you great freedom. Eating this fruit will not supply you with any knowledge that is not already within the vibration of your energy; but it will remove the veil of mystery that kept it safely hidden from your consciousness. Your state of immortality remains your gift, Mother of Domhan; however, the moment may arrive that it seems an unbearable burden.” Her soul ached for M’na in that moment.
The Mothers beckoned them toward the table where they stood together, hands clasped and hearts pounding. The bounty was beautiful and each of them felt this was a moment of greatness-great joy for what was to come and still greater sorrow for the loss of what had been.
Inion urged them forward. “Eat of the fruits of your labor now; and lastly you shall eat of the fruit of the Tree of Creation, which in truth is the seat of Knowledge and Understanding.
We must go now while you feast; but we will return when you are ready to take the fruit. We will be here for you when your minds and hearts become open and freely accepting.”
The sun was breaking through the trees at this point, little splinters of light casting glimmers across their table.  Soon the fire was gone and only smoldering embers remained. Fireann and Eolas were seated at either end of the long table with Amhain on  his Father’s right and M’na to his left. Beside her was Eagna, then Eolas and Naofa. Hungry was this little band after their day of fasting and long night of communion.  Their silence as they ate was an homage to the reverence they felt as they faced the final course in this, their last meal taken in the state of innocent ignorance of their power and true mortality.

Eolas touched Eagna’s hand from time to time, causing her to glance up at his face in anticipation of all that was to be for them. She thought she hadn’t noticed how truly handsome he was before now.

Fireann and M’na contemplated the events of the night, each in their own way. Only Amhain seemed oblivious to the magnitude of the moment or of the coming events.  He ate voraciously and smiled often at his family and friends. It was these smiles that lifted their hearts and comforted the sense of disease that hung in the air.  All things were gifts to his young heart, a heart that beat as one with those of his parents, for his soul knew nothing of dark corners.  It would be a sudden and striking blow that cracked open his empty space. M’na touched his soft cheek with her fingers.  He blushed. The food tasted better than any he had ever tasted this night. It would be a memory he held onto, even when all seemed lost.

to be continued….
This seems appropriate to end with.  Thank you, dear John……
Thank you for reading. I welcome any comments or suggestions, thoughts or ideas, questions.  I appreciate your time and interest.
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2 thoughts on “The Secret/The Revelation/Forever Never

  1. “Only your physical form will know an end.” So there was already death. Amidst all that love and reassurances there was already death! The explanation about the effect of eating the fruit is rather wise. The knowledge is already within; the fruit will merely “remove the veil of mystery that kept it safely hidden from your consciousness”. It’ i better than that thing about “for in the day you eat thereof you shall surely die” in Gen. 2:17: and then they ended up cursing us, and we living in Hell forever. Bandia’s explanation that the world of creation is young and “we must work together to ensure its growth into perfection” is rather comforting. There was imperfection from the start. I have always questioned why Christians argue that death is consequent to sin (the eating of the fruit) yet God mentioned death long before the fruit was eaten. Inion mentions Domhan’s capacity for love and sacrifice . . . and the way she introduces (physical) death to the community . . . and that they will no longer have to ask for permission every time they wish to procreate . . . and the part about “that knowledge will both terrify and enlighten you.” The knowledge about creation and human experience. Well, I think they have become like us. But there is a comfort “Eat of the fruits of your labor now; and lastly you shall eat of the fruit of the Tree of Creation, which in truth is the seat of Knowledge and Understanding.”

    I must say that I like the way Inion deals with these ‘Domhanians’–to coin a word–than how the Bible reports God dealt with us. He was instantly infuriated and cursing–not a single thought of forgiveness or a new beginning did he spare–throwing Adam out of the Garden forthwith and blocking the entrance, as though he was hysterical and scared. The same way he dealt with the case of the Tower of Babel, which is the craziest of all stories in the Bible. Anyway, done is done, progress is always good, no matter in which direction.


    1. As always, Peter; I appreciate your careful reading, and comprehension of, the story. I love the way you dissect it in phrases and feel so glad that my intentions are clear to you. Thank you once again for your feedback. I so appreciate it. No, I always say that the Bible verse which states,”And God created Man in His image..” that it should rather state, “Man had created a God in his own image.” For I do not want to know any angry, jealous, vengeful God who teaches that I must look to “him” for guidance in all things and yet I must not be any of those things which He is said to be. And people tell me non judgmental, Unconditional Love does not make sense because it does not choose sides. What, then, of a God whose does choose sides? I cannot reconcile myself to the idea that our Creator loves in such a way that the innocent suffer and the evil move ahead so often. I prefer to think we have control over this human existence and choose our way-Light or Darkness. As to why innocent, good people suffer, there are so many theories and ideas connected with reincarnation and growth. But, if one is to believe-truly-that we are eternal beings, then a life of suffering, though overwhelmingly tragic, is but a small blip in the face of eternity. Much to think about.


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