My Life/A Day in Paradise/Costa Rica

….Some days involve simply sitting around watching the birds and bugs fly, others are working diligently to keep life in order. Still others involve small journeys, either on our own, or to visit and be with friends.  My favorite trips take us into the mountains where I seem to never stop taking photos or holding my breath. I wanted to share our simply perfect yesterday afternoon with you.  Here are some of the highlights…. 


If you tap on the video link you can enjoy a piece of music that is my favorite from Sacred Spirit. It is called Celebrate Wild Rice.


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8 thoughts on “My Life/A Day in Paradise/Costa Rica

  1. Hi! I found your blog at Cupid or Cats. I’ve long dreamed of living in Costa Rica, and maybe in retirement that will happen. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!



    1. Hi! So nice to meet you. I just love Janey’s blog. So glad you stopped by. Yes, we have just returned to Costa Rica and plan to stay. It is something that grts into your blood once you come and fall in love with the country, the beauty and the people. I look forward to checking out your blog as soon as I get caught up. It was a supply day today. It’s funny but some simple items to us will send you on a scavenger hunt to complete your household. For me it is a mop and bucket with a ringer. Seems simple right? Now ay. Haha. It gives us something to do and the searching is an adventure. Pura Vida!


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