A Bug’s Life…..

The grandest part of my days in Costa Rica are the moments when I slip outside to take a closer look at the beautiful world that surrounds me. Today my focus was drawn to the miniscule.  While snapping a few shots of the flowers in our front yard area just after a rain shower, I was blessed with some special appearances by surprise guests!


So here I give you now…..







And the Beast…

Hey, it’s a “bug eat bug” world out there. 

Happy Days to you!!

Pura Vida…


18 thoughts on “A Bug’s Life…..

  1. The title reminds me of an animated movie called A Bug’s Life in which grasshopper gangsters terrorize and extort some poor ants to collect their food. The gang leader, Hopper, tells the ant princess, “Now listen, Princess, there is a baggy bug world out there and they are going to take advantage of you if I do not protect you . . .” or something of that sort. It is a really good movie.


    1. I know it well. We watched it along with our boys so many times! My favorite part is when the Woody Allen ant and the Stallone ant go to the aphid bar for a drink. It was a brilliantly done film. Thanks Peter.


      1. There is that hilarious part in the arena when the houseflies were the audience. One of them remarked: “I’ve only got twenty-four hours to live and I ain’t gonna waist it here!”


      2. And in the hotel, the waitress, “Who wanted the poopoo platter?” Then somebody served the snail salty food. “Hey, I said no salt!” And the ladybird had told the houseflies that they are poopoo bugs and their breath stank. So they houseflies brought their gang leader.
        I can discuss this movie forever. I love it. Classic as you say. I love some minds.


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