Crystal Ball of Dreams……

  And through the black did cut the knife. To sever bonds and taint the life of the blessed……     Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Penniington copyright 2014   As the satisfied inhabitants of Domhan’s Foirfeachta slept quietly, dark visions began to invade the dreams of one who was outside of the new circle of creation.   Crystal Ball of Sleep Naofa Noafa found herself standing on the crest of the hillside, its peak rising high above the crystal lake, and gazed across the valley to the ocean and beyond. As her eyes scanned the horizon, with … Continue reading Crystal Ball of Dreams……

The Artful Dodger/Poetry

    The Artful Dodger Pain, Pain, go away, she sees you lurking there, just around the corner of her fortress.   She is too swift for your cruel intentions, as she slips  into the shadows  of anonymity.   Clever girl learns to smile. So brilliant, the brave farce of tranquil abundant peace she conveys.   ‘Tis merely slight of hand, the magic of the unseen, for the apathetic audience fooled.   Icy fingers grasp her hair as she trembles ‘neath the cold chill of sorrow closing in.   Lights her candle in the dark to ward off the evil … Continue reading The Artful Dodger/Poetry

Butterfly Ballet/Butterfly Magic at Hacienda Baru

Recently we made a short trip to Hacienda Baru Nature Preserve, near Dominical, Costa Rica. There are cabinas there with several trails for hiking, a great open air restaurant, and a beautiful butterfly garden. I could have stayed watching and snapping photos for days; but we just weren’t prepared for a long visit. We plan to return soon with friends and do some serious hiking.  That is, if they can tear me away from the dancers in the garden….Here is some of the magic of that afternoon….   Immersed in its Butterfly Ballet upon the golden stage, the delicate dancer … Continue reading Butterfly Ballet/Butterfly Magic at Hacienda Baru

Tasting Truth/Forever Never

  Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington copyright 2014 When the Mothers of Creation left their children, feasting was about to begin-a celebration of life, truth and the acceptance of the gifts they were being offered-gifts they were still not fully aware of. All of that would change when the last morsels of meat and vine had been consumed; for it would be the fruit their mothers had left them which would be the last thing to pass through their lips.  And the promise of answered questions, increased understanding and true knowledge of their existence was at the … Continue reading Tasting Truth/Forever Never


  Thresholds   I want to fly Mother, to feel the light on my face as I soar across the skies. “You must step over the threshold,” whispered the wind.   I want to swim Mother, to dance upon the white capped waves beneath the moon. “You must step over the threshold,” whispered the ocean.   I want to walk Mother, to explore the Earth as a being born within human flesh. “You must step over the threshold,” whispered Creation.   Every step was one  of purpose, every breath taken filled with hope and longing. So many thresholds to cross … Continue reading Thresholds

Can You See Me? /Poetry

    Can You See Me   Can you see me here,Great Spirit,lost among the tangledvines of existencewhere I struggle for the lightof my Grandfather Sunto shine upon my face asa healing balm of comfort?   Can you see me, oh Creator,and the journey I have madebeyond the mists of eternityto land upon this dying,cursed rock of magnificentglory that you have made for us?   Can you find me,Great Healer of pain and sorrow,as I struggle to hold my headhigh within the whirlwind ofangry business that is calleda life?   Can you find me,Deliverer of the innocent,my head hanging low … Continue reading Can You See Me? /Poetry

A Tribute/Happy Father’s Day/This Old Tree/Poetry

This Old Tree by Cheryl Pennington 2014 This old tree, though appearances deceive, has led a rich life, you must believe. It’s branches, now gnarled, its fingers grown lean, were there to uphold  as a lifeline unseen. The skin, once rugged and tanned to the bone  showing lines, may seem weak-now without tone. Do not be fooled, for its fortitude lasts, Mighty ships sail, its arms as their masts. So, did I sail neath that shadow of love, that maddening grip all too soon was shed of as I stood on the bow of my self-captained path. It was there, … Continue reading A Tribute/Happy Father’s Day/This Old Tree/Poetry

A Day Late but Thankful…

Okay, I must admit I do have a legitimate excuse, what with dismantling my life in the states and moving to Costa Rica where, admittedly, there are more paradise days than I thought I ever deserved and yet-still-it is a lot of work to unpack and rebuild.  Things are a bit trickier here. My greatest challenge to date has been to find a mop bucket with a wringer and I can say-Hallelujah! My husband, the self proclaimed Hunter/Gatherer that he is, managed to find one.  Now I can happily get on with the business of scrubbing, cleaning, mopping….wait, what’s wrong … Continue reading A Day Late but Thankful…

The Secret/The Revelation/Forever Never

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington copyright photo and words 2014 We left our band of friends about the make ceremony, calling to the Eternal Realm for blessing on their desire to create new life on their world.  Shadowed by the act of deceit which took place in the Sacred Garden, the Light Ones are encouraged by the words of the Sorceress and are eager to be in the presence of the Creators again.   The Secret/The Revelation When all the preparations were complete and the sun began slipping behind the distant crests, everyone took their place within the Circle of Union, the name … Continue reading The Secret/The Revelation/Forever Never