Day of the Iguana

Hola Everyone!


 Iguana family teaches “Adorn yourself and enjoy the attention” 


When iguana appears as totem they help us to break down the things that are no longer beneficial.  They remind us it is time to simplify our life.

quote from Animal Teachers: Cold-blooded ones

Well, I am sorry it has been too long it seems since I posted although really it has only been a week. But a long week which included our move back to Costa Rica.  It is so good to be “home” again.  We have been settling in and getting reacquainted with friends and businesses in the area.  On our first full day back I happened to be sitting in our vehicle, waiting for my husband who had gone in one of the buildings to take care of some business.  I casually looked over at the tree near the little river that runs through part of town and saw this guy just staring at me, as if to say, “What’s up dummy? There you sit, camera at your feet, while I, in all of my magnificence, am waiting for you to take advantage of this golden opportunity.”  So I did! I got out, snapped a few shots and was about to get back inside the vehicle when a very nice Tico  (the local term for male citizens) approached me and began to point to different trees in the area, showing me literally half a dozen or more iguanas, lizards and other small creatures, including 2 black squirrels.  The people here know so much about the animals in their world and hold them in the highest regard. He even reached up and tugged this guy’s tail at one point, to get him to move.  I was in awe.  The day didn’t end there. Once back at our home, there was a lovely little fellow just outside our door.  It is not surprising, really, once you understand that these creatures love eating mangoes and this is the peak of mango season. Why, there are mangoes lying around on the ground, if you can imagine that.  And the iguanas are quite happy with this situation.  So, buckle up and watch the little slide show I put together to share the beauty of my friends by the river in Quepos.  They were amazing.  I hope you have all been well and happy!

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18 thoughts on “Day of the Iguana

  1. “The people here know so much about the animals in their world and hold them in the highest regard. He even reached up and tugged this guy’s tail at one point, to get him to move.”

    This made em smile, and feel happy, to know that there are still such places and people in the world. Your photos are so sharp and gorgeous!


    1. Thank you Damyanti. I am truly amazed every day by the lovely people we meet. Of course people will always be people, but there is a true sense of appreciation for the natural world here. It warms my heart.


    1. Thanks Frankie. I miss seeing your pists but I so understand. It is very good to be here. Funny how I feel so much more at home here than in the place where I grew up! Getting my house in order and even baked cookies last night. That’s no small taska round here! 🙂


  2. How exciting! And thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures. Hard to imagine that the exotic is so real! Hope you settle back in very quickly.


    1. Thanks for your good wishes, Julis. It is easy to fall back into step with life here. It simply doesn’t change rapidly. There are more conveniences now and one can see the American influence in shopping and restaurants, but thankfully it is small, helpful steps at this point. I would never wish to see anything affect the heart and soul that is Costa Rica. Pura Vida!


    1. Thank you so much for stopping by. I am happy you enjoyed the photos. There is so much to see and experience here in the natural world around you. I will hopefully be settled in soon and be posting again about the new and established friends we have made, both human and animal! 😀


  3. I am pleased to hear you are settling in well, and glad that you are sending your readers pics of your new/old home. These photos are wonderful. Thanks for sharing your little discovery; I look forward to seeing and hearing more.


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