A New Plan


Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

copyright 2014

As the dark god of Domhan Eile anticipates the return of his precious daughter to life on the companion world, the Creators are faced with a dilemma.  How to undo the meddling damage he has done to their perfect plan for As’me.  Clearly he cannot be trusted, but how can they be assured he will not attempt a new assault on the innocent of Inion’s world-and with much more devastating results….

A New Plan

Bandia went swiftly to the others, her mind flooded with thoughts and fears.  Inion would be the most distressed of course. Already her faith in Ar’tine’s rehabilitation was weak; and what would happen to it now? Surely any new faith being built would now be destroyed.
(Nothing born in the name of Love can be destroyed, came the thought of Mor. If only his Leanai hadn’t begun to ignore the sound of Its Essence. )

In spite of what she may have thought, Bandia would be surprised to find that it was, instead,  Mac who was most distraught over the events that had taken place on Domhan. Inion, although concerned for her daughter’s safety, was soon happy to know that M’na was blessed with what her heart desired most as she tried to see beyond the selfish deception of her brother’s son and turn their attention to the more pressing problem they now faced.

Could they now-still-place As’me in the care of the couple in the Garden? Now that Ar’tine had introduced deceit into existence, entering the safety of her peaceful world without consent, how could he be trusted to not do such a thing again, especially once his Daughter lived there?  No, this time they would have to be more cunning than the dark son of Mac.
Inion now realized her actions at the sanctification ceremony had been too brazen-too predictable.  Her temperamental attack had lacked her true conviction of Love and, moreover, the necessary control she needed to possess. She was now beginning to learn appreciation for the idea of control, at least over one’s own thought and action.

Mac, on the other hand, still had some work to do in the arena of guilt   It was he, after all, who had created this Son of Darkness, it was he who had forgiven that same dark god and asked the others to do the same; and it was he who had put his trust once more in his son only to be betrayed by the darkness which coveted the god’s soul, no matter what the excuses were.

It would be Inion who spoke with resolve and compassion, the voice of wisdom rising above the urge of resentment within the Mother of Domhan.
“Brother, the only important thing we must consider in this moment is our Daughters. As’me awaits rebirth and the chance to have what was stripped from her on the Dark World even as M’na longs for the comfort of new life.  The question is…how do we satisfy them both without allowing the darkness in Ar’tine to contaminate either soul?
Their answer was rising to greet them, but from a great distance. Even as they counseled in the Realm, down upon the world of Domhan a ceremony had just begun under the dusky pink shades of the setting sun. The little circle of friends in the Garden of Foirfeachta had gathered to call forth Spirit, moving on behalf of Eagna and Eolas as they asked for the gift of Creation to be allowed them as well.
Hearing their earnest pleas through the gentle call rising from the cool vapors of Inion’s world,  all three Creators turned their attention to this band of Love as it rose high above the surface of Domhan, creating a rainbow of brilliance that lit Eternity’s face.

From the safety of its cocoon, another watched along with them, although they were unaware of Its timid presence. With much hope it awaited their decision.  Newly awakened and filled with desire to be reborn, As’me was ready to know new life.

to be continued….
Thank you for reading.  If you are just visiting the first time and want to enjoy the beginning chapters, just go to the search bar and type in Forever Never for previous posts.  I appreciate any feedback and appreciate your taking time to visit.
Love and Light,
Pilgrim by Enya

5 thoughts on “A New Plan

  1. I planned to read this over the weekend but the two days turned out to be more turbulent than I had predicted. I usually read the Forever-Never stories on weekends when I have abundant time. It’s only now, though at work, that I have stolen a few minutes to read it. I feared you’d post another installment before I read this one. But so short? It is so short and mostly comprises of meditations! The interesting part is that As’me anticipates her own birth. I’d like to know what she does when she’s born. And now that it comes up here, of what else is Ar’tine capable? Will his corruption stop? I wonder.


    1. Thank you for perservering with me Peter. I know it is a short chapter and normally I would post two in that case. But the next is much longer and I didn’t want to overload. Also, we are in the throes of this nightmare move. So big. I have had some real roller coaster moments here. Thank you again for your input. Ar’tine is learning of his capabilities just as we are. For you see, I do believe that evil was a process of emotional breakdown, even at its inception. Thank you for your input, as always!


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