Hello…Is There Anybody Out There?


So, this post is dedicated to a good friend who is frustrated with the glaring lack of awareness that has become an obvious problem for the human race. We, who share your frustration, empathize. I don’t know about you; but I’m going to keep trying to “phone home”.😊

And begs the larger question…….

Is There Anybody IN There?

Thank you David Gilmore and Pink Floyd for your brilliance, talent and excruciatingly poignant insight.

The photo above is not my own, nor do I take credit for it. Calvin and Hobbs us a copyrighted comic series.

22 thoughts on “Hello…Is There Anybody Out There?

      1. Well, how nice. Somebody’s talking my language. You are SO right. There is only IS and we ALL are it. I’ve been going slow over at Petals and I have one post on hold that is well, doesn’t hold much back. Just all about what we are talking here. There is no separation. Thank you for being you. xx


      2. Thank YOU Amy. It isn’t always easy just being myself.i have had many friends offer wonderful gifts which lead me back to the truth that lay dormant for so much of my life. By the time I happened upon a group fo friends who suggested reading A Course inMiracles, my soul was more than ready to accept what I already knew. The idea of separation is a mere part of the illusion. This is the main theme of my story. We are one and we are never alone. Thanks for visiting me today. Its good to have you here.:)


      3. Firstly, I am following you so I will be back to your blog. And secondly, ever since a child, I knew there was no separation, I didn’t understand it, no, and still don’t to be honest with you, but I do know that somehow everything in existence is somehow connected. If we could only see the intricate and beautiful designs our connections make, we would be in absolute awe. Everything is “energy”, “vibration”, and to understand the full scope of this I think is beyond our brains’ capacity. Yes, I feel this energy and I flow with this energy and when I step on the Wave of Love in all I do, I know I am One with Higher Mind, Source, God. It’s good to know others realize these things as well. (((HUGS))) Amy


      4. Thank you Amy. It is good to know you will be visiting often. It is one thing to know we are all connected and so much more fulfilling to share that awareness. πŸ™‚


      5. I’m doing my best, Luv. I just unfollowed someone today and am about to block him, because of the narrow mindedness displayed. This person insists I have “strayed” from “religion”, sitting on judgment seat doing so. Nope. I am who I am, and I will have no one telling me what I should or should not do. I follow my Heart and Source. Not man. Love, Amy


    1. A very interesting fellow. And this is most intriguing to me considering I have been “fighting” such a phenomenon most of my adult life. Hope the link shows up. It is about psychic and emotional vampirism.


      1. As is typical there is a load of words against him, but when is there not when someone challenges the thought of the ones in control? Yes, good exercise indeed. :))


  1. I couldn’t agree more with the above observation. Movie-makers and sci-fi writers like to portray extraterrestrial as more advanced than we are, but I have been wondering at the notion. It doesn’t take a genius to see the cost of our “advancement”. If there is a truly intelligent life out there, would they do what humanity has done to its only home? I wonder.


    1. If they aren’t more intelligent, they may be just waiting for us to burn out so they can move in….on the other hand, if they are, they may be waiting for us to burn out so they can clean up. :/. I keep hoping they are loving enough to intervene..


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