Retribution/ Forever Never

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

copyright 2014


As the Keeper of Domhan wakes to a morning of hope and satisfaction, the perpetrator of the lie in the inner Garden is made to answer for his contrivances.  Whose will is greater and what will become of the newly prepared soul of As’me, waiting patiently to find new life in existence-a second chance at happiness in the physical world…


Ar’tine roamed the desolate corners of Domhan Eile, satisfied with his night’s work, and contemplated things to come….the epitome of delusion, he began entertaining the idea of revisions to his dismal home, perhaps a bit more light. Yes, of course, he reasoned to his captive soul, that if perhaps he could mimic some of the obvious beauty of Domhan, his Daughter reborn might choose a life once more with him instead of being trapped within the web of deceptive light and hope which he saw as the curse of Inion’s world. That would pave the way for his next creation…..

“I told you he could never be trusted, Mac!” Inion worked to maintain control of her rising resentment.  “How could we have ever thought that As’me would be safe in M’na’s care?  Your son is toying with us and she is too innocent..How can we trust that she will be safe anywhere that is known by him?”  Inion would not allow As’me to fall victim again to the folly of the dark god casting long shadows across the brilliance of the Realm. 

Mac was finding it ever more difficult to make excuses for his son.  What could he do?  They had agreed to forgive, to accept Ar’tine’s vow of repentance, and to believe his promise that his daughter would never suffer at his hands again.  Now the baffled son of Mor tried to stall his twin so that Bandia could seek out the truth, even though the truth he feared most was what haunted his thoughts.  “Sister, you are right.  He has proven only that he cannot be trusted.  Still, we do not know what occurred within the quiet mists of the inner Garden.  At least give our goddess the opportunity to speak  to Ar’tine before we judge.  There may be a reasonable explanation….”  He trailed off, knowing within his own doubtful soul that there could be no reasonable excuse for his son to have slipped into the peaceful night of Domhan to infiltrate the safe haven of Foirfeachta.

Ar’tine’s actions had proven them gravely mistaken about the future of As’me if trusted to the care of the Garden couple.  If he had been so bold as to enter M’na’s world without a thought, without a question, and she had not seen through his guise; then what would prevent him from entering that sacred place with a darker agenda? He was still, unfortunately, a volatile, unstable soul in the seat of Creation. There was so much to consider…



When the goddess entered the gray mists of Domhan Eile, the righteous indignation that filled her Essence sent sparks flying across its surface, splinters of sharp light that cut the wet surface, sending vapors hissing towards the velvety sky.  Still, they were nothing compared to the flashes going off within her conscious thought.  She felt betrayed, misled, and miserably disappointed with him in whom she had placed such sincere faith.

(From deep within her core, the voice of Mor spoke to a deafened Goddess, “This is not about you and what you need, my child. You are whole without the love of any other being.  This must be about Ar’tine’s lack of true Love for Himself.”)


Alas, Bandia could not hear anything above the roar of angry voices that had become the vengeful chorus of her soul.  When she found Ar’tine near his glistening pool of visions,  the wavering images of the innocent upon Domhan floated on the surface, unaware they were being used to feed his hunger.  Protective rage arose within her bosom that she released with full force upon the troublemaker.

“How dare YOU!” she cried. Taken aback, Ar’tine faltered in a moment of genuine confusion; but the mind of darkness is all too aware of its workings and he quickly rose to the occasion of self preservation.

“Wait…”, he began, extending his hands in a futile gesture of supplication;  for Bandia was overcome with anger, her fragile ego wounded in that moment. She wanted only to release all of the pain she felt, and to have him explain his betrayal in the face of her generosity, her Love and support of him. Surmounting her petty indignation, the hurt of broken trust surfaced as she began to plead with Ar’tine.

“How could you? With so much at stake in the Eternal Realm, with your standing before Great Spirit, after your sincere expression of desire to Create in Harmony…. Is your impatience so strong you could not wait only a bit longer so that all would be perfect?” Colors flew around her form like fractured rainbow storms.  The dark god mused that it would have been lovely had it not been so distracting to his defenses. “Always I defend, always I lift you up, always I hope…..and you continue to betray my faith!”

While Ar’tine’s conscious mind was clicking rapidly along to keep pace with the accusations, his subconscious worked wildly to concoct a plausible story; and he knew he had to stall the wild goddess.

“Why, whatever are you ranting about dearest one? What, exactly, is it that I have done to incite you to such fury and disappointment?”  He feigned a jovial mood that he did not in the least bit genuinely feel, even if it had been present only moments before her dramatic entrance.  Ahhh….the peace of being alone with his thoughts….

If Ar’tine had entertained any foolish notion that this approach would help his cause, he could count it among his other miscalculations.  His reasons did not matter to the goddess. She only saw that new plans would have to be made. She only understood that all of her careful weaving had been unraveled in a single, dark  night. Too weary to match wits with Ar’tine’s egotistical mind, Bandia more pointedly continued her questioning.

“Are you going to try to deny that you disguised yourself as the Daughter of Mor in order to enter her world and toy with the mind of my Daughter, M’na? Did you not encroach upon the safe haven of my Sacred Garden and tempt her there with deceit and desire in order to serve your own personal agenda?”

Ar’tine was indeed clever; but he was also speaking from the most honest place he knew when he produced his cunning reply. “My dear Bandia, indeed I did visit your daughter, but it was she who called out in her sorrowful prayers before sleep. It was she who hoped that her Mothers would hear her desperate plea for another child. I have seen her weeping secretly as her son moves away from her to be with his Father. I understand the pain of loss in being separated from one’s own creation.”  He paused, perhaps for effect; or perhaps to deal with the sharp, clear pain of remembrance.  Would it always seem so fresh, he wondered.   In the next instant he twisted the blade that he had plunged into Bandia’s tender heart.  “If you all had not been so consumed with deciding when my own As’me would be reborn, you would have heard-and answered-your precious daughter yourselves.”  Bandia was stricken with guilt, a fresh pain that smothered her former anger.  Ar’tine’s demeanor was solemn, but his withering soul was giddy with the satisfaction that he had struck a nerve.  He could feel heavy guilt rising above the goddess’s indignation.


Of course Ar’tine felt no need to mention the fact that he knew of the females’ plan to come to the Creators requesting the gift of creation; and he didn’t know if Bandia was aware of this little tidbit or not. He was simply playing for time. “Alas, all that I have done is…well…speed things up a bit.  But why distress yourself?  Your daughter is rapturous even as she awakens to the joy of a new sunrise, certain of the life that has seeded itself within her innocent belly.  I knew that plans were being made for my creation to know a new life in the physical.” Cocking his head and waiting for some sign of understanding, the arrogant god saw no such hint rising within the essence of his lovely goddess and so continued, unaffected,  “Surely you must agree that the Garden of Foirfeachta will be a perfect haven for her soul.  What have I done that you would not have done yourself-eventually?”
Bandia had indeed been quiet, but it was only due to the overwhelming pity she felt for this male.  She was so appalled at his boldness that she could not even produce a conscious thought for long moments.  Here she was, witness to the first lie..birthed and perfected right there on the surface of Domhan Eile!

“Mac an Mor,” she finally began, taking a breath and hoping this use of his preferred name might ease the blow that was to come. For she now understood the magnitude of his desires.  “It has not yet been completely determined if..,” she began.


Immediately his energy turned darker, the red glow brimming towards the surface of His Essence; and the goddess knew the power of his anger, especially when buoyed by the energy of his world. Bandia’s mind scrambled to redirect her thoughts-and her words-accordingly. Fearing to look directly into his fiery eyes, she carefully ventured on.
“It has not yet been completely determined when As’me will be returning to a physical life…on Domhan.  Things must be carefully planned to perfection for her to re-enter existence.  There were so many wounds to her soul at the time of her attack...”  Bandia stopped just short of the blinding accusation that would both cut and infuriate Ar’tine. As the fire that defined him dwindled, she was relieved that he had been so easily assuaged to accept this hasty attempt at divergence. Still, he would not completely give in or give up as he drove his point home.

“Can you not all see how important it will be for her to be under the influence of such a perrrfect brother as our young…. Amhain?”

Bandia heard the words he spoke so carefully. They seemed sincere and were true enough, but there was something about the way he slid the word perrrfect through his lips. She fought the urge to tremble.  The goddess knew she had to speak with the others again; and she couldn’t let Ar’tine know she was doing it. Drawing from within the well of deep Love she had within her for the confusion of Darkness and Light that was Ar’tine, she managed to disguise her fear and apprehension, allowing her mind to find its point of contention again.

“Ar’tine, I am more pleased than anyone that my daughter has received the gift she so longed for. It will be my greater happiness yet to see As’me alive in the physical once more, surrounded by the most full cocoon of love and guidance she could ever hope for.”  Now was the moment she needed to go, before he could produce any more difficult questions or argument, so she hastily began her retreat.  “I must go to the others….and explain your role in the events that took place on Inion’s world while Eternity slept, for they will be confused unless I do. It is imperative that I go quickly.  There will be questions….and you know I have always been your…ally

Ar’tine seemed to be satisfied with this declaration, a crooked smile working its way across his face.  She didn’t know if that smile made her more sorrowful at his blatant self absorption or completely devastated that all her Love and devotion seemed to have made no difference to his core Essence.

When she left, the god was confident that his plan was ticking along nicely, although a small voice within him acknowledged her use of his dark name before leaving, something she normally avoided. The rest of him chose to ignore the voice. He was too full of his success to be sidelined by such a trivial occurrence.  It was but a small crack in his plan, after all.  He hadn’t yet realized that small cracks can be the beginnings of great undoing.   Waiting was fine for him as long as the end result was the same.  He thought only of rest, for He had been  weakened by the long journey to Domhan.  And the energy around the damned place was so heavy.

to be continued……
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5 thoughts on “Retribution/ Forever Never

  1. For an instant there it struck me as curious that Bandia should be afraid of Ar’tine. She is a goddess, righteous, and bearing great power and light. But he is dark, selfish, impatient. I didn’t want her to flinch at his darkness; she did, nevertheless. But then, that’s what you do when you are wiser than your opponent.
    Ar’tine has a swift tongue, greased with cunning and subtlety; at first he smoothly denies his mischief, and then admits it in a clever, accusatory way, turning the accusation on Bandia. He is just like the Devil, making you blame yourself for HIS wickedness. He studies your weakness and uses them against you. Then holds you responsible. His wiles are boundless. Sometime while reading I thought Bandia would unleash her fiery fury upon him (I wanted her to do that; he is insensitive and unconscionable, he is a destroyer; but she is a goddess, full of wisdom, benevolence, love); she quickly develops new plans to deal with him. A small voice tells him all might not be as he wishes, though.
    What will As,me do when she arrives? Why is her return into the physical world significant, apart from what her father perceives, that is? He is misled and I do not trust him.

    By the way, this Forfeachta–I used to read it as ‘forfeiture’ before you posted the chapter on Character Cast. It seems to me it might be forfeited, as the Garden of Eden was after the fall of man. Did you choose its name symbolically?


    1. As always, my dear friend, your inout and insights are invaluable to me. You give me hope that my ideas and direction for the story are going ad planned and hoped. Yes, Bandia is indeed a goddess; but vanity and the need for approval drive her to her points of weakness. Like so many females, she feels she can love Ar’tine enough to change his descent into darkness. The fear at this point cones from the unknown. He has great power which has seeped out in small proportion, but what would it take to drive him into a whirlwind of emotion such as that which nearly destroyed Domhan when he was first born into existence? All of these things are new to the Creatorrs, emotion being a learning process.
      The name Foirfeachta cones from the Irish meaning perfection. But you are correct in that it indeed sounds like forfeited and what an interesting observation. I often wonder about the evolution of words and their meanings. Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts. You give me courage to continue on! I hope all is going well for you.


      1. Oh, and if you read the chapter where Ar’tine attempted to seduce his own daughter of creation, you will have a greater understanding of why this new life is so important to the Creators. They seek to allow her a new opportunity to live fully and among those who will love her. He wants only to have her back again, but even he dies not realize how strongly he feels this desire. He deludes himself as he does the others, into believing he only wants her happiness. Like so many men, he is not ready to accept that his desires control his conscious thought and action.


      2. I will read that chapter. I must have missed it. But even while reading this installment there was an inkling that his plans for her are not entirely wholesome. I picked something like that from his thoughts.
        Bandia’s love, though great, seems wasted on Ar’tine. He’s not the of the nature to be affected with love. Characters such as his usually manifest jaundiced judgement and perverted motives. They do not know love. I’m thinking Bandia might eventually regret her failure to be stern and resolute with the Dark One. The adverse cost of her virtues in this matter might be too imponderable to reverse. Nevertheless, I would like to see how it all turns out when As’me is born, when M’na and her husband realize that they had been duped and they are about to bring forth Ar’tine’s daughter, not their own child. The fact that they were duped does not augur well for this beautiful society; and Bandia must realize this despite Ar’tine’s justifications.


      3. Thanks Peter. I will hopefully have the next chapter up before we move. I hate leaving it ah ging for too long. It is the nature of live to try and see beyind the darkness and light the corners of a damaged soul in the hopes of redemption. But we all know the only true redemption must conef rom lovingoneself enough to be more. Bandia is, after all, partly connected to her physical world and feels more human emotion than her companions in the realm, just as Ar’tine does. Tha ks for reading and for the feedback as always!


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