Together we soar
above troubled water
into endless brilliance.

Together we came
from the bosom of Love
into possibility.

Together we crawled
up from the muddy earth
to find living breath.

Together we ran
from devils with chains,
ever towards freedom.

Together we lay
and explored one another
to the pinnacle of desire.

Together we cried
over lost dreams, the hope
of peace and comfort.

Together we fight
to find our way back
to a place of joyful harmony.

Together we stand
against the voices of doubt
that seek to stifle our souls.

Together we fly
over oceans and fields
to the arms of paradise.

Together we wait
for the coming days
of repose, without regret.

Together we shine
across the face of Mother Earth
as her living essence.

Always together.
Until the end.

Cheryl KP

Stevie says it best for us….
Don’t let anyone steal your hope, rain on your parade, or crush your dreams…They belong to you.  Pura Vida!!

12 thoughts on “Together/Poetry

  1. A vivid and personal exploration of a relationship. Everyone will identify with at least some aspects of what you express, and, if they’re lucky, perhaps all.


    1. Thank you Karen. I hope you are well. Im sorry if I missed your post last week. I was out of state and now busily packing. I hope to catch up in a few days. Thanks for reading and leaving such a nice comment. I really appreciate it.


      1. I read that, too, but on my cell, so I didn’t leave a comment. I loved, loved it. Wonderful, and congratulations on the grandbabies.


      2. Thank you so much! It was a most peaceful and relaxing time, just holding them. And then spending time with my boys too. Yes, some things are not so easy on the iphone.


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