Day of the Iguana

Hola Everyone!  Iguana family teaches “Adorn yourself and enjoy the attention”  and When iguana appears as totem they help us to break down the things that are no longer beneficial.  They remind us it is time to simplify our life. quote from Animal Teachers: Cold-blooded ones Well, I am sorry it has been too long it seems since I posted although really it has only been a week. But a long week which included our move back to Costa Rica.  It is so good to be “home” again.  We have been settling in and getting reacquainted with friends and businesses … Continue reading Day of the Iguana


Remnant Autumn’s chill crept over the glorious Summer of her heart. Sweet kiss of pink drained from the face of love as thorns sprang up like daggers to cut into her soul. Crimson flooded her being as she faced the icy Winter of his Indifference. Awaiting death, she longed to bury her pain beneath the dry brown carpet of decaying hope. Sweet torture!  that wound which does not heal lest its life be thought in vain. No death, passing into love born anew- No blush of pink, no green glory basking in the light of Spring’s happy smile. Forever crimson, … Continue reading Remnant/Poetry

A New Plan

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington copyright 2014 As the dark god of Domhan Eile anticipates the return of his precious daughter to life on the companion world, the Creators are faced with a dilemma.  How to undo the meddling damage he has done to their perfect plan for As’me.  Clearly he cannot be trusted, but how can they be assured he will not attempt a new assault on the innocent of Inion’s world-and with much more devastating results…. A New Plan Bandia went swiftly to the others, her mind flooded with thoughts and fears.  Inion would be … Continue reading A New Plan

Hello…Is There Anybody Out There?

So, this post is dedicated to a good friend who is frustrated with the glaring lack of awareness that has become an obvious problem for the human race. We, who share your frustration, empathize. I don’t know about you; but I’m going to keep trying to “phone home”.😊 And begs the larger question……. Is There Anybody IN There? Thank you David Gilmore and Pink Floyd for your brilliance, talent and excruciatingly poignant insight. The photo above is not my own, nor do I take credit for it. Calvin and Hobbs us a copyrighted comic series. Continue reading Hello…Is There Anybody Out There?

Retribution/ Forever Never

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion by Cheryl Pennington copyright 2014 As the Keeper of Domhan wakes to a morning of hope and satisfaction, the perpetrator of the lie in the inner Garden is made to answer for his contrivances.  Whose will is greater and what will become of the newly prepared soul of As’me, waiting patiently to find new life in existence-a second chance at happiness in the physical world… Retribution Ar’tine roamed the desolate corners of Domhan Eile, satisfied with his night’s work, and contemplated things to come….the epitome of delusion, he began entertaining the idea of revisions to … Continue reading Retribution/ Forever Never


  Together     Together we soarabove troubled waterinto endless brilliance. Together we camefrom the bosom of Loveinto possibility. Together we crawledup from the muddy earthto find living breath. Together we ranfrom devils with chains,ever towards freedom. Together we layand explored one anotherto the pinnacle of desire. Together we criedover lost dreams, the hopeof peace and comfort. Together we fightto find our way backto a place of joyful harmony. Together we standagainst the voices of doubtthat seek to stifle our souls. Together we flyover oceans and fieldsto the arms of paradise. Together we waitfor the coming daysof repose, without regret. … Continue reading Together/Poetry

Accusation and Regret/Forever Never

  Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion   by Cheryl Pennington copyright 2014   The tale continues…. On Domhan, something has invaded the peace and serenity of Foirfeachta, stealing in as the inhabitants lie sleeping soundly, and calls forth the Daughter of Domhan, leading her into a web of deception that she is too confused and hopeful to perceive.  One other has been watching from afar; and although she calls to the female M’na, the longing within the lonely mother’s bosom drowns out her cries into the mists.  Frantically the Sorceress continues to call to the Realm, begging the goddess mother … Continue reading Accusation and Regret/Forever Never