Somewhere/ Poetry





  in the glint before sunrise
  the truth is known.

Between dark and light,
 between wrong and right
     it waits.

  in the breath before we wake
  our hearts find comfort.

Behind the veil of sleep,
 behind the mists that seep
  into thought.

  in the heartbeat of eternity
   we made a vow.

As we stepped in the Light,
 as we held each other tight
   and leapt!

  in the shadows of your soul
   you must remember.

But you turn away from me,
 and you still refuse to see
   my pain.

  between heaven and hell
   love lies.

And now it’s time to go
 and now you’ll never know
   my heart.

Till we meet again….somewhere.

Cheryl KP
This song I am linking to brings to mind soul mates for me.  So many people think of soul mates in terms of their one and only true love. While I believe soul mates often fall in love due to their history, my own personal understanding of soul mate agreement goes beyond romantic love and extends to the love of family and friendship.  Souls agree to find on another in life in order to share, grow and heal old wounds.  Not always culminating  in physical or emotional love, the bond is still strong and often leaves people confused as to why they feel such a strong connection to another when the logistics are out of kilter by definition of normal human expectation.  So, I say to never ignore that de ja vu feeling you get when you meet someone; but neither should you always assume it is the sign of true romantic love. Perhaps there are other reasons two people need to connect, but connect they should. If not, they could be left
feeling abandoned, unfulfilled and lonely.
Thank you Cher and Peter Cetera
If you have never seen Chances Are, you should catch it.  Precious film…..


20 thoughts on “Somewhere/ Poetry

  1. Reblogged this on SolitaryThinkers and commented:
    Before publishing my relevant next post, I am reblogging this poem of my sister Cheryl’s and her wonderful understanding of soul mate agreement. Here’s to people who feel abandoned, unfulfilled and lonely. We are all here to re-connect.


    1. Thank you Leon. I am reading your new post in a moment. I was having trouble with the video link and will try again, very eager to see the interview! My prayers and thoughts go with you and Plutonia as always. We made our move with minimal bloodshed. :/ Now are getting unpacked and settled into life once more.


      1. Haha! Thanks for the laugh Leon. And especially for the hug. I could use it. No mops or buckets but we have been given our perfunctory list of community rules and regulations….:)) Actually it is a lovely little neighborhood full of ancient live oak trees and we are about ten minutes from my beloved beaches where I can feel my connection to the All that Is most clearly. I shared your post on my social networks. I have never seen this interview with Michael Newton and it is marvelous. Thank you! His books were as a key unlocking a treasure chest of memory and hope for me. The music video is beautiful as well. A really wonderful post.


      2. … which would not have come to be without You!
        Thank you so much for sharing it on your social networks.
        Thank you for liking Diana’s “Where or When”, too; for devoting so much of your time to be brightening up my life. That you were eager to see this interview of Newton’s and that you found it “marvelous”, fills me with joy! I was intending it more as an introduction for friends who are not much into these things yet, and I thought it would be offering nothing new to you. My precious Cheryl, your eyes of wonder always make my soul soar with belief that they won’t get us down!
        I suck in the scent of these divine oaks, I whisper to them to be protecting you everyday, I thank the beaches and the ocean for providing your beloved crabness with what she needs to stay in the flow of abundance, always bathed in love and light. ❤ Leon


      3. And I do feel that. In fact for all of my life I have felt protected, never truly afraid although I have certainly been places that would warrant it. I am more fearful of human behavior, the devices of the ego that are determined to control, manipulate and conquer the spirit of Light. As though that is even possible. Silly ego. You know, my mother was very close to Spirit. Once, as a young woman, I was standing by her bed and she said she could see my guardian angel standing behind me. I had an accidental psychic reading once with a very genuine woman who said I was surrounded by many souls who were protecting and guarding me, also that she saw Native things around me. And art. She said I could make money any time I wanted but that I knew this was not my walk in this life. That explained a lot for me. I have often thought myself to be my own success saboteur and pethaps it is for that very reason. Not to be distracted by life’s over abundant tendencies when we have more than we need. What opens our coffers all too often closes our hearts. I just wish things were more equal in life. So much extreme. It comforts me to be reminded of these things. For even though we know in truth, the veil of physical life numbs my brain too often. Today you have renewed my comfort. I am happy to know there are others who desire to remember…peace to you both.


  2. Somewhere I am reading this and full of wonder at the soul that composed it. I am enamoured of its words. Thanks for that soulful song. I have never heard it but I am grateful I did. Must look for it again.


    1. Thank you for reading. Im glad anytime another soul is stirred by my words. The song has long been a favorite of mine. I look forward to listening to the one you shared on the BBFC.


  3. Great poem with a deeper meaning and thought. I sometimes really think about how souls (people) connect to certain people in a different country and part of the world. It’s like we have this in-built NFC technology that can connect us globally. 🙂


  4. As I was reading the lovely poem, I was thinking about how we’d all interpret it on a personal level. Then … when you continued to write about soul mates, you just touched upon something I’ve thought about so many times; how easily those connections get confused with romantic love. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had three; one is my husband today, the other two are dead. I hope to see them again ‘on the other side’ … when we all get washed up on some distant shore 🙂

    Yes! I will most definitely look out for that movie. Loved the song, Peter Cetera is good.


    1. Thank you. I am always happy when my thoughts and words resonate for others. Yes, indeed, what a happy reunion when we all celebrate there together! Have you read any of Michael Newton’s books? If not, you may enjoy Journey of Souls. It came to me at just the right moment in my life. Yes, Peter Cetera has an amazing voice. And that was one of Robert Downey Jrs more inspired and tender performances. Hope you have a beautiful day!


  5. What a wonderful, and very personal, honest post, which I think many will identify with. I have been toying with posting something along a similar theme, sharing one of the only poems of mine I haven’t destroyed, but I’m not as brave as you. Thank you.


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