A Plan/A Prayer Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion


The Mother of Domhan hopes to known creation again, as she longs to feel the joy of another infant in her arms.  When it comes to light that the newest couple on their world would also like to bring life into the world, they come up with a plan.  What will happen when they go to the Eternal Realm with their deepest desires?

Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington

copyright 2014

A Plan/A Prayer“Have you talked to the goddess Mother about another child?” Eagna was curious about the answer to this question as much for herself as for her friend. She knew that, together with Eolas, they had much to offer a child in this world; and they were more than ready to begin creating life; yet Eagna knew she would not interfere with the desires of Mna in her own desire for another child.  She was, after all, the first Mother on their world.  Still, she reasoned, if the experiment had, indeed, been proven successful, there should be no reason they couldn’t both bring a child into their lives to increase the love within the world they knew.  An idea sprang forth in Eagna’s mind; and she quickly presented it to her lonely friend.

“Why don’t we both go to Mother Inion with our desires?  She will know what is best; and in her love for us and for her world, she will surely consent to this increase of the miracle.  For both of us.”

M’na felt slightly confused by this notion as comprehension eluded her understanding;  but a long moment later a knowing smile spread across her beautiful face. “Oh, Eagna…you and Eolas are longing for a child!” She wrapped her arms around Eagna’s neck, thrilled at the prospect of more beautiful children in her world.

If Eagna had had any doubts about her friend’s understanding of her own desire, they were completely  dispelled the moment she saw the delight in M’na’s glistening eyes.  Rising to her feet, she spoke in excited bursts.  “Oh yes! Let’s do that. Just that! For surely Mother will consent. But first… We must tell Fireann.  And Eolas! We have to tell them of our plan. They will be so happy. I know it.”  Hurriedly they went to find the males and share their news.

If only they had made communion with Bandia or Inion right then, right there, events may have unfolded differently. Or perhaps not. All things would come to be known as eventual in this thing called Life, but not yet known was that there would be paths of less confusion. Innocence on Domhan was about to be accosted; for there was indeed one in the Realm who already knew their hearts’ desires-one who was more than happy to comply with the Mother in the Garden. But he must act quickly and with great cunning for his plan to work.

(No interference from the Creators this time, thought Mor. How would these human beings ever be able to survive if they, within the Realm, intervened at every turn? Watch and wait. Experience. What else was the point of it all?)

Finding their companions in the open field, where they were showing Amhain how to find burrows where lived small animals to hunt, the females could hardly contain their excitement.  Both of them attempted to speak at once, making it very difficult for the others to follow their train of thought. Once they calmed down, still beaming with excitement, M’na and Eagna shared their plan with the confused group of hunters. Amhain was distracted and continued searching for animal burrows, unaware of the important decision being made.

Fireann and Eolas, however, were very attentive. Eolas and Fireann showed no hesitation in joining their companions on this happy quest. Fireann had sensed his beloved’s loneliness for quite awhile;  and although it touched his heart with deep empathy, he had also grown extremely fond of his son’s habit of tagging along during all of the day’s work. Knowing the true depth of her pain, he felt a pang of guilt over the change in the family circle; and, as would be the case often, it had been the wisdom of young Amhain that eased his suffering.

During an ordinary day, while out gathering wood for their fire, Fireann seemed very distant and lost in thought. He was in sorrow for M’na’s sadness as she watched her young son running to catch up to his Father. He had even suggested that perhaps Amhain should  stay and help his Mother to prepare their meal; but the child would have none of it.  “But Father”, he pleaded,  “I want to be with yooou.”  Of course the father’s heart melted and Fireann consented, so immense was his Love for his Son and their new kinship. He glanced back at M’na as they left, to wave a goodbye, and thus had seen her face in her hands as she wept silently.

As they worked, Amhain asked his Father why he was so sullen. Fireann did not desire to instill any sense of guilt within his son, understanding their role in his life-the need to dispel dark thoughts of lack while bringing light to those places which became shadowed. He chose his words carefully.

“Your Mother misses the time when you were always at her feet. She shared a life with you longer than I; for she carried you within her body before you came to breathe upon Domhan.  When she suffers, I suffer as well. The pain she knows will always be my own.”

Amhain looked up at his Father then, his dark eyes (so like his Mother’s ) gleaming and full of understanding, and spoke thoughtfully.

“Father, I came from the Light where there is no pain or suffering. I was told of the darkness which exists within our souls. Do not try to hide your darkness from anyone. It is better that you should hold it up to the Light so that all may add their own love to it to ease your pain. In this way you will never be afraid to Light the darkness for anyone else.”  He then placed his tiny hand within Fireann’s and hugged his father’s great body. Fireann felt instantly comforted and nearly wept with gratitude for all that his son would be for their world.

And now! How wonderful that M’na was ready to welcome another new life to this place. If all children born to Humankind were like Amhain in Spirit, then perhaps their dream of Eternal Light on the created world would be made visible. They began to talk excitedly about their plan to approach the Mothers on the next evening. It would take a full day to gather the necessary herbs for their ceremony. There was no way they could know of the dialogue which was now taking place in the Realm, or that the Creators were already aware of their desires.  And none was aware of the Other who was watching, watching and waiting to promote his own Agenda, with no care for the cost of the innocent on Domhan.

As they made preparations, clipping herbs and making an altar for the fire pit, Eagna spoke quietly to Mna.  “I was thinking about our communion with the Mothers. I want you to ask for the blessing first, Mna.  I can wait until after your child is born before asking for a gift of my own,” she whispered, smiling warming.

M’na shook her head emphatically and tried to protest, but Eagna put a finger to her lips. “I know what I speak seems contrary to what my heart cries for; but trust me when I say it is more important now for you to be at Peace. I have comfort in knowing that my request will surely be granted, even as yours is. I can be patient. Be happy for the coming event, Sister. You will be blessed. On the next moon we will make ceremony.  Tonight you must sleep well and so be ready for our call to Spirit.”

M’na was filled with gratitude as she hugged Eagna tightly, knowing that she would indeed sleep well because her friends remained close;  and warming her heart was the hope of creation blossoming within her bosom once again. She fell asleep with fervent prayers falling from her lips, pleas for the goddess Bandia to be present at their ceremony, and to answer her desire with approval.

Bandia, Inion and Mac were deep within the Eternal Realm, giving the good news to As’me, who accepted it with gratitude and happy anticipation.  Those loving Creators did not hear M’na’s prayers as they floated upward from the shadowy, damp mists that hung above Domhan. But someone else heard, and listened-someone who had the gift of vision and was sworn to protect those who lived the Garden.  Only she realized what was about to transpire, but it would be all too late to prevent the events that were about to unfold.


to be continued…..
Thank you for taking time to read my story.  I would love to hear any comments or feedback, input, or just thoughts you may have.
Love and Light!

8 thoughts on “A Plan/A Prayer Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

    1. Thank you so much Peter Noah Thomas! I really appreciate your reading and the feedback. I have posted them in order from the beginning, although they have been staggered with my poetry and photography posts. If you go back to Chapter One/The Traveler The Question, that is the beginning. I do hope you enjoy the story and thanks again!


  1. I love the ending. The one that heard the prayer was not the one for whom it was intended. In 2007, I wrote a story in which the Devil promises the main character that whenever she prays, he intercepts her prayers and not a single one of them ever reaches Heaven. Anyway, the only discredit I find in these people of Domhan is that they are hunters. They are such a loving, compassionate, and peaceful lot; their friendship, their communications, their care for one another, all are so supreme that I find the idea of taking a life amongst them detracting. They should be gathering fruits, seeds, mushrooms, roots, stems, leaves, etc–things that regenerate in the land on their own. I think you should give them the ability to communicate with animals in order to strengthen the purity of their souls and the pristine love existing in their hearts. But those just my thoughts. I love these people. I don’t want them hurting anything.


    1. Hi Peter! Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I so appreciate the feedback. I really must try to out the entire piece on another page in sequential order so that anyone truly reading dies not miss something. In the chapters where Dohman and its inhabitants are first created, there are the references to what they eat, and why. There are also references throughout as to some of the characters being purely eaters of the vine. My goal is to create a world no wholly unlike our own in the beginning and not completely fictional. You should read the small excerpt I published just a month or so ago. I think it is under Sneak Peek/Excerpt. If I get to my PC in a bit I will add a direct link for you. Thanks again! Your help is much appreciated.


      1. I really did. I’m just back now, exhausted and emotional at saying goodbye to my family but I loved it. I hope you had a lovely easter 🙂


      2. How well I understand. Im glad you enjoyed the time. Mine has been busy. So much packing, yard sales and “dismantling” of my lufe for our move. But it was a beutiful day! Thanks.


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