Easter Parade/Photography

Everyone loves a parade.  I certainly enjoyed the one my feathered friends presented to me recently!

If you’d like, click the video and listen to the lovely Judy Garland as you watch “the parade”.

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I hope your Easter was peaceful and blessed in every way.  Spring! New beginnings, rebirth and hope. Keep it alive within your soul.

12 thoughts on “Easter Parade/Photography

  1. In 1999, when I’d just joined high school, I made friends with a classmate whose parents reared a flock of geese and turkey. I went to visit him over the holidays and those birds gave me the chase of my life. The male turkey was in the lead and the geese were almost flying. I don’t know what they would have done to me but they did seem determined to get me. I ran like the wind while screaming for help. He had to come for me. He said they were harmless. But I didn’t believe him. I’ve been wary of them ever since.


    1. No doubt anyone who has had a close encounter with a goose would agree with you. I have a great photo of my youngest at aged two being chased by a large goose. He was terrified. They are just so loud and obnoxious. I was taking photos at the lake one day and a female goose had self appointed as the keeper of some recently laid duck eggs. She tried to come at me as I was taking photos but I was wearing my boots so when she tried to nip my leg I just stamped at her and she walked away. You have to let em know who’s boss. They are the bullies of the lake. 🙂


  2. Lovely photos – those haughty geese who look as though they are wearing their own Easter bonnets! And the clip reminds me of afternoons as a child watching old musicals with my dad who stepped into eternity many years ago now. I thank God for Easter and the message of hope at its core.


    1. Hi Julia, yes those geese do come with attitude. Memories are bittersweet, aren’t they? For me, it was my Mom, gone nearly 35 years now, who loved musicals. Her favorite-and now mine as well- was Showboat with Kathryn Grayson. We all need to remember the message of ressurextion of the soul and rebirth. Thanks for stopping by and leaving me a message. Good to see you!


  3. The geese photo’s are absolutely fantastic. You are quite the photographer. Thanks for sharing and I had a blessed Easter, no parades but blessed.


  4. That’s a wonderful Easter Parade! 😀 Gorgeous photos of these ducks … I’ve never seen ducks like that before! Nice to see you have some visitors from the great, white north too! The one looking straight into the camera looks too funny!
    Hope the day was good…


    1. Im so glad you enjoyed their show. The non Canada birds are actually Africa geese, male and female. There were ducks there, Mallards, but I did not picture them here. They were lollygagging around rather than parading. Yes, I thought the one definitely wanted a selfie with the lily! My day was busy but beautiful.i hope yours was lovely as well.


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