Someday/Walk with me

I took a long walk today and listened to this beautiful sound while I observed so many wonders, large and small~

I’d like to share it with you.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Many thanks to the beautiful voice of Celtic Woman. 

19 thoughts on “Someday/Walk with me

  1. Cheryl, I am doubtlessly convinced that you must be possessed of a very beautiful soul in order to capture such impeccable heartwarming moments. That bird on the road and the caterpillar and the dragon fly and the housefly and the squirrel–it would take a truly benevolent soul to arrest such astounding beauty in what is ordinarily taken for granted or considered outright repulsive (like the housefly). This way, without even knowing it, you advertise the unequalled beauty and attraction and mystery of Nature, of our world. Better than decrying wanton destruction without showing the magnificent construction. Thanks for these photos and for your fruitful efforts. The message has been received.


    1. How happy I am that you enjoyed the photos. I only wish you could taken the walk as well. My Parents always taught me to be thankful for the good things I have and to work hard. In many respects I was held back from seeking more for myself because of this philosophy. But on a larger scale, it taught me to look for that in my life which is miraculous. When I feel overly indulgent about my state of affairs, I remember a story Elisabeth Kuubler Ross told in her book The Wheel of Life, regarding a trip to a concentration camp where relatives had suffered. There, scratched on one of the cell walls, a place where a person could only lie down and most spent endless days doing so, was a butterfly. To her it was a clear message, “you can cage my body, but my soul will fly free.” How can I feel sorry for myself with all that I have in the face of such acceptance? That is my own Easter story for this holiday. May you find true peace in yours, my friend.


  2. Do you like Celtic music? There is a guy on YouTube named Adrian Von Ziegler who has beautiful Celtic compositions. I love his music a lot 😀 I’ll have to listen to this when I get home since my job has implemented a “no headphones” policy 😦


    1. Awww they don’t want happy employees? It is beautiful. I was fortunate to see Celtic Woman live here once. My husband surprised me with tickets. A magnificent show. No, I haven’t heard of that musician but will definitely check it out and thanks for the recommendation.


  3. Those photos are so awesome … I got lost in awe. The thing is to notice all those little miracles when we’re out, and you sure did a good job on that.

    About YouTube: Don’t you just paste the link on a line of its own, in your post?! That’s all I do…


    1. Thank you. I guess when you are short like me, it is easy to see the things close to the ground. 😉
      Yes, well, it is stated to be so simple and I do indeed paste the URL into my post, but until I started choosing the embed code version, it wasn’t converting to the video box. Only the URL itself would appear. I think, I hope, I have it conquered now. Thanks!


      1. Trust me, I tried it all. Several times. Finally when I chose the embed version, it worked. I used to think WordPress just didn’t like me. I also had a problem with my posts disappearing just after posted them. It hasn’t happened since I purchased my site.


  4. Hey dweezer. I read your question to Karen. The couple of times I’ve put a video on my post I copy and paste the video in the small box and then type what I want to say in the “video description” box. I’m new at adding video’s, too. I don’t know if that helps. I loved the Celtic woman and your photo’s. You take beautiful pictures of things I wouldn’t even think to take a picture of. 🙂


    1. Thanks Sue. Are you talking about the link box? I ended up using that and then copied from the you tube using the embed link. That worked fine! I was getting so frustrated. I’m glad you liked the photos. Focusing on the small miracles in nature helps me to focus on the small miracles in my own life. There are so many! :))


    1. Thanks Karen! Hey, I have a technical question for you. I have been adding you tube videos off and on and only twice have I been able to add them successfully where the actual box with the video appears. I understood that if I add the link for the video it should convert automatically but it doesn’t. As I said, it has done it twice but now it just won’t work for me. Any suggestions?


      1. I’m not sure! I haven’t done that before in WordPress. Sometimes when I’m adding links in other places, it won’t convert the link until after I add a space after the URL. Perhaps someone else can help. I am still learning WordPress. Sorry!


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