I Am An Expression of God


“I am an expression of God”


How easy to see

the God in me

as I gaze at the sky,

birds winging by.


Connecting with


and moonglows

as the wind blows

across my warm face.


Can I look at you

and see me too?

Can you gaze at me,

 your own soul see?


From the grain of sand

on which we stand

to the vast night sky

where rockets fly

is seen the hand of Creation.


I am God

It is me.

Expressing Its love,

I came to be.


A hope, a thought

a desire, a need

She thought of me,

her soul to feed.


I am as glass

He sees right through

into my soul,

a perfect view.


And as the bubble

filled with light-

ephemeral, fleeting,

full of delight

to be known for but a moment in time


I stand alone

at the precipice, peering

into the abyss

with eternity cheering.


We cannot fail

in this you see

for I am He

and She is me;


Together we are magnificent.


Look around as you long to see God.  It is staring you in the face……

Love and Light,



Cheryl KP












21 thoughts on “I Am An Expression of God

      1. Thank you Frankie. I’m glad you liked my poem.
        That is not surprising to me at all about the time and numbers. I feel it too. There are many instances lately that I have been noticing that cannot be coincidence at all.:)


  1. So beautifully written. I’ve thought along these lines so many times, but would never have been able to express myself this way. The bubble shot is awesome, and it went so well with your poem!


      1. Me too! I mentioned my little bubble project, and we’ll be getting snow tomorrow, but there are high winds. I’ll try something else while I wait for next Winter 😀


    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and especially the link. I will definitely check it out. I understand what you mean. I write when inspiration strikes, sometimes a photo, a breeze, the smell in the air…but more often tan not painful experiences. I cannot easily write romantic happy poems. Tha ks again! I appreciate your reading.


  2. Inspired and beautiful, and I suspect, something very personal to you.

    I remember you expressing some concerns about how the complementary photos would appear on a kindle as and when you decide to publish; to be honest, I think your poetry more than stands on its own merits now, the words alone captivate the reader.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so very much. What a kind compliment. I really appreciate your reading and your input. I hold out hope of seeing it in real print someday. I was told there are good publishing options in Costa Rica.


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