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https://i0.wp.com/www.safehavenrr.org/Images/bunny.jpg  Writing Process Blog Hop!!

First of all,  my apologies to my good friend A Long over at http://ajwrites57.blogspot.com/

He tagged me in this exercise over a week ago; but I was tooling around Manuel Antonio/Quepos, Costa Rica and well, just having too much fun to sit in front of the PC until the sun set and by then I could only last long enough to post a few pics.  So, here I am trying to make amends and “spread the love”.

A Long is a good friend on G+ and I look forward to all of his poems and blog posts. He is creative, funny and has a wonderful zest for life.  And he loves movies, which puts him high on my list. 🙂 It’s a Wonderful Life, right my friend? 😉

Okay to keep this thing rolling I must:


1)  Link back to the person who tagged me:



2)  Name four writers who will continue this Blog Hop and notify them

Here are my nominations and it is tough. Some of you I didn’t nominate because I know you already have full plates and perhaps are out training for Irish marathons or something (eh Frankie?)

Okay, so….drum roll and bunny twitches..my nominations are

1)  Sharukh Bamboat at http://indiadestinationsblog.wordpress.com/

Sharukh writes wonderful posts about India, from vacation destinations to street festival news and the best places to eat-and all that can be done on a small budget.  His most recent post about good Indian films is the first in a series so that people from other countries will get a peek into some of India’s most talented filmmakers’ works. He is a very faithful blogger, promoter and travel writer, working hard and looking for beautiful things along the way.  I consider him a good blogging and g+ friend.


2)  Jennifer Mallu who writes a blog called My Heart Unscripted at http://rajcmallu.wordpress.com/ is a very soulful and loving person.

Her posts deal with the pain of loss and love through caring and partnership.  She writes beautiful love poems and is working on her first novel A Journey of the Heart.  Jennifer is a very supportive g+ friend and blogger.


3)  Jennifer Kirk at http://jayescraftedcards.blogspot.co.uk/

Jennifer lives in the UK and loves anything to do with crafting. She designs beautiful cards which she sells online through her blog. You can check her out on Pinterest also and she is a great circle friend on g+ as well.


4)  Nelly N. a blogging acquaintance that I met on the Shaken circle when I first joined g+. Nelly is a very talented writer, mother, and wife who blogs about the pains of OCD. Her words, delivered in a funny, human, and empathic fashion, show the ups and downs of living with this disorder.  Her posts are engaging as well as informative.  Check Nelly’s blog out at http://neurtoicnellyocd.blogspot.com/


Lastly, answer the four questions below:


1) What are you working on?

I am currently self publishing my novel, in chapters, on my blog as a means of final edit and to get feedback which will hopefully help me produce a great story. I am also compiling poetry and photography for a book of poems.   A lot of people keep saying I should do it, so that is a priority for me, creatively.  I am always, ALWAYS armed with my camera to take photographs as that is my true passion.  Nature inspires me.


2) How does your work differ from others in the genre?

I believe each of us as writers is unique unto ourselves as long as what we create comes from within.  I guess someone more objective would have to answer that question.  Perhaps I am different in that I am compiling a collection with both written and artistic photography done solely by myself.  My novel is just plain different.  In fact, as I tried to submit to several publishers, they had trouble “categorizing” it definitively. I am hoping in the end it will be a positive edge!


3)  Why do you write what you write?

Whatever I write is born out of the inspiration I feel as a result of my environment. Whether it is experience, pain, joy, love, nature or philosophy which strikes in the middle of the night.  I have ideas and feelings which I simply have to convey in the hopes that it will resonate with others and help them in some way to feel connected.


4)  How does your writing process work?

Well, for my novel I will spend several hours a day just writing madly to get the ideas out and down in print.  Then I try to run it by my husband who has been a great pre editor for me.  I read old chapters each time I complete a new one, making changes (and there are lots) as I go along.  Sometimes I read months later and make adjustments. It is an evolutionary process.

For my poetry, I see an image or feel something and somehow words come into my mind, like  a river or stream and I have to write the idea down quickly to “seal” it. Then I can put it down succinctly and even out the rough places.  Sometimes I awake after a dream and have words jumping inside my head, not often the most convenient time to hop up and write.


So, that is me. I hope you guys have fun with this and thank you again A Long for this honor. It is a pleasure to know you and read your words.  Sorry it took so long. Now back to packing……uggghh…I’d rather be writing. :/

thank you post it


11 thoughts on “Writing Process Blog Hop/Tag!!!

    1. Well I think g+is similar to WordPress in that if you show interest the network works with you. I notice in my main feed if I just look at that I get general posts; but when I go to specific people or circles, for awhile I will see them or similar interests in my feed. All in all, google+has been a positive experience for me. I still have trouble navigating through Facebook. Its just so cluttered but I know it is also not familiar to me.


  1. Very nice. It’s good to see that you guys are active on G+. I love the service, but have never had any interaction there. I only read those technology bloggers.


    1. Yes. It has been a very good place to connect with other photographers and writers. I have made some very nice friends there. It is easier to move within the groups that I have similarities with and to keep it that way. I really have not had any problem and it has been nearly a year!


  2. It sounds and looks as though your creativity bubbles and bursts from you with every breath you take! Lovely photos and touching poetry. You write beautifully.


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