A Dark Agenda/Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion


Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

by Cheryl Pennington


As M’na feels the pangs of loneliness, watching her beautiful gift growing into his own maturity, another also watches-and shares her loneliness, one that is mingled with his own.  This loneliness spawns an idea as his dark agenda morphs into a plan….

II What Darkness Wants…M’na was not the only one watching her son. There was another, one just as impressed, just as interested, but for completely different reasons and with a different agenda. Ar’tine was growing impatient waiting for the reincarnation of his beloved As’me. He had not been allowed to see her since her rescue from his fiery passions on Dohman Eile. As much as he repented, as much as he bellowed and pleaded for her return, he had been met with only the command for patience.

How fortuitous that now it appeared  the Mother of Perfection in the flesh was feeling lonely for another child. He could not have created a more perfect scenario, thought the dark one; and it was time for them both to be satisfied. He decided to approach Bandia first.  Always his ally, he knew she was devoted to him; however, he also knew he must be clever, for her first allegiance was to Mor as were all else in infernal Eternity.

“Can’t you see the child is developing with an amazing sense of completeness and with no sign of a dark influence?” coaxed Ar’tine. “Surely if you were to approach Mor..on my behalf-for you are in the brightest Light before the others within the Realm-I know the Creator would listen.  And you alone always have my best interests at heart..as well as those of As’me.” Cunning was only one step ahead of his silent desperation as he made his plea to the goddess.

Bandia was wholly empathetic with her beloved Ar’tine. He had indeed been patient, had done many things on Dohman Eile which appeared to be progress toward the Light within himself as he began to create in ways which were more in harmony with the All that Is.

She, too,  was uncertain why there was a delay to begin other creations on Dohman, as well as returning As’me to human life. She  knew as well, but didn’t dare express the thought to her volatile soul companion, that Mac and Inion would never agree to returning As’me to the care and nurturing of Ar’tine-changes or not.

“I will speak to Mac about it very soon, Mac an Mor(she continued to honor him with his birth name).   I understand As’me is very impatient to be returned to physical existence again, to experience what was taken from her.”  The goddess felt only a momentary flash of apprehension for the implication.  She needed to remind the god of his role in this situation and of his place within the Realm-a place of his own construction.   “All will be as it is meant to be in the face of Eternity and the thought of Mor,”  she finished.

Ar’tine knew what that meant and he didn’t like it, not one bit. It meant the continual, maddening lack of control he felt over his own Creation. He, with the greatest drive to teach his creations about their gifts and powers, was last among the Creators.  How could the creatures on Dohman continue to be content with leaving their fate in the hands of these Eternal Procrastinators when their world would be so much more magnificent if it were full of more living, creating beings!

An idea began to seed itself within his core; and it was being met with applause by the audience that lurked in his dark forest of a soul.  When Bandia was moved to leave him again, he was careful to hide his growing impatience, trying to act the part of complacent servant.  “I will be on Dohman Eile, then, awaiting the desires of Spirit-of course.”

Once she was gone he mumbled with determination, “I have more pressing matters to attend to anyway.”  Ar’tine retreated to his world to walk among the gray mists. There he could think, could nurture the seeds of instigation that had rooted themselves in his thought.  And he needed practice, for it had been too long since he had taken form in flesh and breathed the dense air of his world.  Practice would be a good way to forget the endless waiting. Seeking a place of dark vapors and heavy veils, where he thought the others would not easily observe his workings, the god began to work.

As he immersed himself trying different transformations, his mood lifted as  was enjoying the task immensely. With each form he took he grew stronger and breathed more easily.  Practicing each transformation, the god worked himself into a frenzy.  This didn’t take much effort, for with every  thought of his As’me being kept from him there arose within his bleak countenance a new rage; yet diligently he learned to control the fire within while allowing his thought and feelings to remain clear. His pride grew stronger with each moment of control he gained over his own darkness.  His thoughts became larger than his burning as he declared to the cold, dark stone upon which he stood, “One day Mor will see me and know my power; and in that moment it will be me who is first.”

Mor did see and know one thing for certain.  Ar’tine was not ready to receive As’me into his care again. Still, Great Spirit continued to know only love for all within the Realm and held out hope for Its Son’s creation.  It would not interfere. Not yet….

to be continued……
Thanks for reading.  All comments and feedback are welcome, encouraged and greatly appreciated!
Love and Light,

8 thoughts on “A Dark Agenda/Forever Never/The Dawn of Illusion

  1. In this short extract you’ve created an image of a world that each reader will interpret in their own way, really capturing the imagination. I’ve expanding on this a little further in the BFF group…


  2. “An idea began to seed itself within his core; and it was being met with applause by the audience that lurked in his dark forest of a soul.” The Dark Lord, Ar’tine, has an diabolic plan. I’d love to know what he did. Please, Cheryl, do continue. I’m waiting.


    1. It wil be coming soon I promise. It is connected to past events so your memory of an earlier portion of the novel will be key. He is quite the nasty interloper…


  3. Beautiful writing as usual,I really enjoyed it,and looking forward impaitently,,for more as usual, keep up the good work and the beautiful writing coming! Cheryl, 🙂
    Take care my friend!



    1. Thank you! I consider that a compliment. I will likely oblige at least for a couple of days. In the weeks ahead I will be too busy to post as much so I’d like to do this while I am able. Thanks for reading and for the comment. I truly appreciate it. 🙂


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